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User: bong1618

40 years old

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00000202 28.05.2013,
11:38:50 CET
That's a nice way to promote your cat! =D
00000219 28.05.2013,
11:38:07 CET
Love could never be judged by how far the age gap is, compatibility, if you're rich and the other one's poor, size and other things that may seem different to other people. It's how you and your partner drive smoothly through the days,months, or even years of your relationship.
00000101 28.05.2013,
11:29:39 CET
Hahahahahahaha! You want to be my lawyer?
00000362 28.05.2013,
11:28:10 CET
There's a lot more to life than to what you already know, try the internet?
00000371 28.05.2013,
11:26:41 CET
It could be a wake up call for you to plan a course of action to what you would do next, or you might start setting goals, who knows?

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