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User: Nuclearenergy

65 years old

Points: 9

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00000552 02.01.2014,
23:14:25 CET
Uhhh... good for you? I guess..
00000162 02.01.2014,
23:11:40 CET
Kids these days are f*cking morons.
00000394 02.01.2014,
23:09:55 CET
Don't worry about it. That little shit deserved it. I would have slammed a rock against his know? an eye for an eye.
00000016 02.01.2014,
23:03:25 CET
You sir, are a badass. You taught her a fucking lesson in economics.
00000553 02.01.2014,
22:57:49 CET
Don't worry man (or woman...or both I don't know) A lot of people enjoy gay porn and masturbation (especially the latter of the two). they simply don't want to admit it. Just make sure you don't wear out your genitals

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