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User: chantelle

26 years old

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00000545 01.10.2013,
17:03:46 CET
Donīt worry, just believe in yourself. Everything is going to be ok.
00000558 01.10.2013,
16:55:42 CET
Parents shouldnīt risk the health of their children. You have to take responsibility.
00000528 01.10.2013,
16:52:06 CET
Well, a lot of women have fantasies like that, but there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. So please donīt do something stupid and tell unknow people your phone number, donīt even meet up with strangers. That can be really dangerous. Wait with sex until you fall in love with someone.
00000554 01.10.2013,
16:41:55 CET
ironibiki, whatīs wrong with you? she is not a slut and why should she die, just because she likes to do it with herself? You should go die, because obviously you are not from this century.

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