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User: imatrashcanyay

weiblich, 28 years old
United States
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00000510 27.12.2016,
02:50:57 CET
We can't stop you. And since this was posted three years ago, you've most likely already done this. But, if you're still out there, remember that no matter what, atleast one organism on Earth likes you.
00000560 27.12.2016,
02:47:44 CET
If ya wanna, go ahead. BUt since this was posted 3-4 years ago, I assume you already have.
00000554 31.08.2016,
03:01:11 CET
If you're bleeding a lot, either you went too fast or you broke your hymen. Also, @ironibiki, you should just stop. Insulting her will not do anything.

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