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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a sister page of Germany's famous Beichthaus is a portal, created by Robert Neuendorf in 2004, to let internet users anonymously post their sins, regardless of location, time or religious affiliation. His concept was that by writing about them, users would be able to purge their souls of sins and to receive hundreds of feedback comments from readers. is today one of the most popular websites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An English version started in January 2011.
Do I have to register to post a sin?
No, you can post anonymously without registration or login.
I've lost my password
No problem. We'll be glad to send you a new password. Simply choose Reset password.
I registered, but haven't yet to receive an activation e-mail.
Check if the mail wound up in your spam folder. If not, it has in all likelihood been lost. Send us an support message with your username in it and we will promptly activate your account.
I have posted a sin. How long until it becomes active?
Our confessors make their homes in various parts of the world. Across different time zones, they activate sins practically around the clock. If your sin conforms to our quality criteria, expect activation within six hours.
Why hasn't my sin been activated?
Most often, we turn sins down because of poor spelling. Don't worry, we're not spelling fanatics! But if we have to rewrite an entire text because of mistakes, it takes up a lot of our time during which other sinners have to wait in the queue.
Why was my comment removed?
Beichthaus encourages all comments and lively discussions regarding the confessions. So that all may feel comfortable in Beichthaus, we have estblished clear rules that we expect every visitor to abide by. We cannot tolerate the following:

- an excessive number of spelling errors (syntax, grammar, punctuation)
- names, company names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs
- pornographic, politically radical or racist expressions
- excerpts or copying from other textual sources
- comments having nothing to do with the confession

Make an effort to express yourself positively. Remember, the sinner is confessing out of remorse over the deed. Insults of any kind, discriminatory or otherwise offensive publications will result in immediate account blocking. If you come across comments that violate our quality criteria, please let us know by using the report-button.
How do I delete my account?
Are you kidding?
Really? This makes us sad! Send us a support message with your user name. © 2010-2014

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