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Attic mirror (00000053)
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I live in an attic. That's why my room has a sloped ceiling over where my bed stands. Yesterday evening, I got the urge to give myself a hand job, stood up and went at it. I made sure to stand under the sloped ceiling, otherwise the neighbors in the house next door could see me through the window. After I was done, I stood by the window, looked out and saw my neighbor. I gave him a friendly "hello." To which he responded: "God, that's really abnormal." I didn't know right away what he meant. Then I realized that the lamp on on my bedside table had thrown my shadow on the wall as I was giving myself the hand job. That's what he must have seen alright. Now, when I go at it, I turn out the light.

Posted on 30.07.2009, 20:46:51 CET

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Comment from 05/06/2013, 07:43:59 CET []:
LOL. That was hilarious! Just like when someone waves at you, and you wave back, but had no idea who the person was, and then realize it was the one behind you who he/she the person was waving at.
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