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Fairly Enough Compensation (00000068)
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A couple of days ago, I went to the iPhone-dictator, that is to say, my local T-M*bile shop, to complain about my iPhone, which had lasted all of eight months. After I had explained over and over that I would need the iPhone as soon as possible, because I'm always on the road working and depended on my e-mail, they tried to placate me with "your iPhone will be ready in two weeks" and send me home. Politely but firmly I gave them to understand that I don't pay 89€ a month to have to make do without my phone for 2 weeks and that therefore I was not leaving without a loaner. After a few feeble evasions they finally gave me a Nokia that had previously been a display model. Apparently, the service person who was waiting on me had used the cell phone herself for a time as a work phone, as she had to "reset it and erase the memory card." Said lady was really snotty, which definitely rubbed me the wrong way. I was glad to get away eventually, never mind the usual lousy service and my iPhone gone forever. Once back home, though, the impression I had did improve: it was real easy to restore the 256MB memory card and the pictures and video on the card were thoroughly entertaining: the salesperson who, although not a raving beauty but for all that well-equipped, apparently had used the phone almost exclusively for producing private porn. Seeing 6 golf balls squeezed out of a body opening, by the way, I did find fairly impressive. Ever since, I'm happily waiting for the day when I can pick up my iPhone again. I will then ask said lady, if she still enjoys playing golf. Just one more week.

Posted on 12.10.2009, 23:34:30 CET

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Comment from 25/05/2011, 07:30:39 CET []:
Well I hope you left her some souvenirs, too. At least she had fun with her phone and her branch she is working in. Not everybody could say this
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