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Found a Wallet (00000088)
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Yesterday I found a wallet. Naturally, I tried to contact its owner, it wasn't about stealing it or anything like that. The address was there but because it was out of the way, I called the owner's bank and asked them to give the guy my number. Until noon today, the thought kept nagging at me if I shouldn't just take the cash out. It was only 45 Euros, it's not a fortune, but who couldn't make good use of it? But from the wallet I knew the owner had children and that he wasn't well-off, so I didn't do it. The phone rang today and the young man promised to come by soon. I considered once more: someone might have extracted the cash before I found the wallet. But, no, that would be a pretty shitty thing for me to do. When he came to get his wallet then, he was really unfriendly. He didn't even properly thank me. Just shook my hand and rushed off. And he didn't even look into the wallet. Fuck, I should have taken the money! Moral of the story: if someone gives you back your wallet whole, at least say thank you! Asshole!

Posted on 28.12.2010, 23:51:32 CET

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Comment from 23/02/2012, 18:55:05 CET []:
I know what happened. One day I saw my coworker "trying" a used notebook, from a friend who made up a shitty history about it. There was personal stuff from a girl on it, even emails from last Saturday (it was on a Monday). I searched through the girl's photos and realized she studied in the same school as my girlfriend. I asked her to contact the girl to check if she was selling her notebook. It was stolen. I told her where I worked and she said her mother would come grab it. I recovered it because I doubted it was "bought from a friend". The girl added me on IM and started questioning my history. Then she offered 100 bucks to my GF and to a friend of hers. And me? She almost called me the robber. I told the bitch that if I stumble upon her stolen notebook again I would buy it, set it on fire and destroy it with a hammer. Stupid people can't even say "thank you".
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