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Vandalism in the family (00000151)
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My brother and I don't get along. Like at all. One day he tried to hack into my phone, (a Samsung Galaxy SII) which, after too many passcode attempts, gives you the option to get into the phone with your google account. Thing is, I forgot my password. I tried changing the password, signing in with my youtube account. And I didn't want to factory reset it because I had really important things on it. Anyway, I tried EVERYTHING. Still couldn't get into it. I was so mad. And since he was supposed to be getting paid soon, I told him he was gonna buy me a new phone. He refused to do that, so one day while he was out I took his $800 dollar laptop, broke it in half, shattered the screen, broke off all the keys, broke the circuit boards and smashed what was left into little pieces. Then I put it all in a plastic bag and threw it in the woods down the street. I took a nap after that, and around 6:00pm he woke me up yelling, "WHERE'S MY LAPTOP!?" I looked at him with a confused face. "Isn't it in your room?" I asked sleepily. He yelled back NO. "Well I don't know where it is, then. I've been asleep the whole time you were gone." He actually believed me. Haha, He's such a dumb ass.

Posted on 24.08.2012, 08:32:49 CET

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