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My Choleric Boss (00000157)
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A few years ago I once worked in a small company with a choleric boss. The company was run by him and his wife, and there were five employees. The employees were yelled at for every little thing and he threatened to fire them. His wife, who watched us constantly, was also terrible. We weren't allowed to talk privately and she timed us when we went to the bathroom to make sure it didn't take too long. I could hardly believe the strict working environment there and I quit after only six months.

It was known that the boss liked to drink too much sometimes and still drove his car. Moreover, everyone in the company knew that he visited his favorite bar every Friday after work, and around 9:00 pm, when he was drunk, he got back in his car and drove home. And that's what I told the police in an anonymous letter: the name and address of the bar, his license plate number, the day of the week, and the time. On the Monday after I sent the letter, he didn't come in to work until about noon and without his car. Surprisingly, he was pretty subdued. He retreated to his office and we hardly saw him the rest of the day. I worked there for another four weeks and then started a new job. In those four weeks I never once saw him come to work with his car again. Until that day, he and his wife always came in separate cares, because she only worked half-days and went home at noon. After I reported him anonymously, he was driven to work by his wife in the morning and took the bus in the evening. I confess that I denounced my employer, who gave me my pay and my daily bread.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 18:55:42 CET
Place: Mainz, Germany

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