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Turkish Superman (00000160)
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When I was 10 years old, my parents and I took a vacation in Turkey. Every evening, the hotel we stayed at put on a little show for the children. While my parents and I watched, a superhero was fighting a villain. The Turkish puppeteers did a terrible job of putting on the show. As predicted, the villain hurt Superman so badly that he lay there on the ground, unconscious. All the children were now told to come on the stage and touch Superman in the right spot in order to bring him back to consciousness. All the other children touched him on the forehead, the chest and the stomach and nothing happened. Because my parents had forced me to go up, I hit him in the balls, which woke him up immediately. The other children were jealous, because I'd found the right spot. My parents of course didn't think it all that good and sent me to Superman after the show, and I had to apologize.

Posted on 16.10.2012, 04:47:48 CET
Place: Manavgat, Turkey

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Comment from 29/05/2013, 18:29:50 CET []:
Even the real Superman has a weakness, I guess the it's how the world proves to us that nothing is made invulnerable, and that everything ends.
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