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Part-time Meter Maid (00000199)
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Last time I drove to the city, a totally unknown woman started shouting at me from a distance. When I came closer, I caught, in addition to various insults, a few phrases like, "aren't allowed to write me up", "drive the same anyway", or "I can stick my ticket up my butt". The woman apparently took me for a meter maid because of my dark blue trench coat. Because I was really angry about the yelling and the insults, I played meter maid and explained to the woman that she had to pay 20 euros for she exceeded the maximum parking time and parked in an unsafe manner, she wasn't actually well positioned in the space, which I had to punish according to the latest legislation change. However, she had the option of paying immediately in cash, which would only amount to 15 because it saved transaction costs. Among further insults, the woman gave me 15 euros and drove away swearing. I ask for forgiveness for taking money from the woman, but people shouldn't behaved that way, and if she can afford to drive an expensive SUV she'll get over it.

Posted on 24.11.2012, 05:40:02 CET

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Comment from 27/05/2013, 18:16:31 CET []:
That's something you don't experience on a daily basis.
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