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The Power of Women (00000213)
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I (m/23) have avenged myself on my girlfriend by playing a mean trick on her. I've been happily together with my girlfriend (22) for eight months and we've lived together for a month. She's really great and the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, she also has a flaw. She loves to play pranks, and I became her favorite victim. Perhaps I should also say that she has four younger siblings and often played pranks on them as a child, like her siblings have told me. At first I thought since I was her boyfriend, I would be spared. But no, she always plays stupid jokes on me, even when my friends or parents visit. The classic one: Open the door a little bit and put a bucket on the top edge of the door. When someone opens the door, they get wet. Once she embarrassed me in front of her family when she held a cup of water against the ceiling (she stood on a chair) and held a broom under it so that it pressed the cup of water against the ceiling. She told me when I came in – clueless – that I should hold the broom for a minute to measure the height of the ceiling. I was so naïve at that time that I did it immediately. Once I grabbed the broom, she let go and laughed loudly. Her father couldn't stop laughing while her mother just shook her head. I realized too late that I was the butt of a joke again. That was very embarrassing for me and this time I decided to get revenge. First I should say that we always have a lot of foreplay so she always appreciates my cleanliness for that. So a few days ago, I bought two fish at the supermarket, one of which wasn't so fresh anymore. I let her believe that I was going to prepare them for us that evening since it was our anniversary. The fresh fish was very tasty, but then my joke began. Since I knew that we were going to fool around that night, I took the not-so-fresh fish and rubbed it all over my private parts. When the evening wore on and we started to get it on, she looked at me right in the middle of it and was suddenly disgusted and started holding her nose. Then I said something very stupid which I regretted afterwards. I looked at her grinning and said, "So, how does revenge taste?" She looked at me puzzled. Then I told her what I did and why. Well, the result was stupid. She slapped me and told me that I can do without sex for the next millennium and angrily left the room. In retrospect, I am very sorry and I apologized to her afterwards, but she is still rather upset. It was very idiotic of me to do something like that and yet I wonder why women always manage to make us feel guilty. Why do they have so much damn control over us in terms of sex?

Posted on 24.12.2012, 18:09:41 CET

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