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It's a hardknock life (00000228)
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I live in Spain and I've completely run out of food and money, I've worked very hard and contributed to the economy, paid my taxes (as a self employed person). Now I have no work and (beings that I am self employed ) don't qualify for unemployment benefits , I have no one to turn too and would be to ashamed to ask for help even if I did . So almost daily I've been "helping myself" at the local supermarket - yesterday it was a 1, 5 kgs. bag of dog food , some packed sliced meat and some Toritso Sausages as I felt weak and craved protein . A part of me felt nervous about the thought of being caught , but strangely enough I don't feel guilty, in fact it felt quite pleasurable to come home feed my dog ,and feel better for having eaten something myself!. I hope I'm not judged , but do you think I have a choice or that I will get bad Karma?.

Posted on 08.01.2013, 05:56:23 CET

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