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Summer Vacation with Friends (00000231)
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I (m) wanted to go with two of my classmates on vacation this summer. I asked them again and again when we were going to drive to the travel agency together and book a flight. I always got the lazy response that they wanted to do it later sometime. When I asked again at some point, they told me that they had already booked 2 weeks ago – for just the two of them. They apparently "forgot" to tell me about it. Yeah, right. So, on the next day I went to the travel agency to see what they could book me. As a single traveler, it unfortunately cost 300-400 euros more. Same flight there, but a different hotel and a different flight back than those jerks. Now they're asking me if I can still pick them up and take them to the airport on the departure day. Our flight leaves just before 5 am which means that there are no trains at that hour. It takes about 2 hours to drive to the airport, and both guys live 25 kilometers in the wrong direction. When I asked about gas money, they only asked, "Can't you make an exception? We're so strapped for cash. Please, we have no other way to get to the airport." Although I was simmering inside, I just played along. Hopefully they won’t get their own ride– I've had enough of their audacity and I'm not going to be taken for a fool anymore. So, I simply won't pick them up on the departure day. I'll leave them at home and let them make their own way to the airport. I hope they miss their flight and I'll just tell them that I "forgot" to get them.

Posted on 14.01.2013, 18:26:36 CET

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