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Joe's apartment (00000276)
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I have had the same landlord for the last two places I've lived. She opened a newly finished unit that I had reserved and moved into. After a few days I saw the dreaded, horrible roaches crawling around. I called her fulling expecting her to take care of this. Well, she's flat out refused, and told me I was the one who brought them into the house, and I had to take care of them myself. I pointed out that the house I just moved from had no roaches. If I was the one who brought them in, then that house would also have had roaches. That didn't matter to her. She is a rich woman, who lived in a large house and has plenty of money to go around, yet never does any repairs or takes care of her rentals. It pissed me off. It was easy enough to find out where she lived. So I planned my revenge. I took a glass vase smeared some vasoline around the inside opening, placed some food inside it and leaned it up against the wall so the roaches would crawl in to get the food, but couldn't get out because of the vasoline. I would let the roaches pile up all week long. Then late at night I would drive down the ally behind her house and I would dump the whole vase in her back yard. I did this for several weeks. Needless to say, she had to pay to have them removed from her home.

Posted on 25.02.2013, 09:18:28 CET

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I love you im totally impressed
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