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Fair punishment for an ex (00000288)
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Are you a bad person if you rejoice at the misfortunes of someone else? I think it depends on the situation. But you can all make your own minds up. This is about the ex-girlfriend of my brother. They met over six years ago and my brother moved in with her very quickly, because she couldn't pay her rent by herself. He was 20, she was 17, and she was his first girlfriend. He did everything for her, drove her around, gave her money and neglected his friends. This is what happens to some people when they get their first girlfriend. The girl herself was an ignorant slut, only interested in herself. She never gave back, not even a shred. With his rose-tinted glasses, my brother didn't want to listen to anyone, so my father eventually bought a flat in the same town and both moved in. It took my father weeks, and he renovated the flat with his own money and time. In a very short space of time, because the girl just had to buy more and more pets (three cats, a chipmunk and three birds), their new pad went to ruin, and it stank of animals. But my brother loved her and my parents accepted it, even though they were constantly tidying, cleaning, and so on. My mother spent entire afternoons to help out and put the kitchen straight again. We paid for her holiday, found her a job in the company where my mother works (where she called in sick far too often and where they would have fired her long before, were it not for my mother), and my brother financed her hobbies, like horse riding. For a long time, I felt there was something fishy about this girl because she behaved as if she was a present to humanity and she took everything for granted. Even after five years together with my brother, she didn't lift a finger at my mother's birthday to clear the plates, though there were 30 guests. Her excuse, "I'm a guest too, you know!", didn't just make my blood boil. None of our friends or relatives could stand her. At the end of last year, she got to know some people in a horse forum and began a steady correspondence. She got on really well with those people, and met a guy – which we didn't know until later. They all lived far up North, about 600 kilometers away from us. Eventually she went on holiday, to see a girlfriend, she told us. In reality, she was with that guy, to see if it would work. All of this sadly came out later. In the end she decided to take off and leave – i.e the good job, her relationship with my brother – to move in with the other guy. Apparently she was able to get a job as an office administrator at the farm of a vet, and could thus have heaps of contact with animals. The hypocrite said they could stay together; that my brother could finish his studies in the North. The only thing she wanted was the surety that she could come back if it didn't work out there. My brother was crushed and stayed over at home. For him, his world fell apart. A year ago she was speaking of marriage and now, this, at a moment's notice. Then she called in sick and just like that, after she told my brother, she moved to the North because of this guy; she went overnight and took everything – including things that didn't belong to her. In doing so, she trashed the apartment again and left it filthy. We were therefore faced with immense amounts of money and work. She blamed my parents for the relationship not working. When she was 17, my parents had apparently persuaded my brother that it was not a good idea to have a child; that he should finish his education and further studies, and that she should absolutely begin an apprenticeship or training. Yesterday I found out from my mother how it's all panning out for her. The lovely ex-girlfriend emailed her former boss, saying that it is not going well up North, and that she is being driven to rack and ruin in this hole. No money even to get to the next village or to support her four cats (she's apparently picked one up on the way). Her former boss is angry that she bailed on him and thinks nothing of being taken back. The new guy has a bad job and can neither support her, nor will he leave his home and move in with her; he doesn't want to share the rent. Down here she had everything; we ran around after her, she got given presents; thanks to my mother she got a great job with an amazing salary that most administrators would give their right arm for. Whenever she needed money, my brother took the hit; he was faithful to her and bent over backwards for her, and this is how she repays him. Even after six years, they could have split up amicably without kicking him in the teeth and leaving behind a ruined flat. I hope you regret it for the rest of your life! Guys, forgive me for being happy about it.

Posted on 28.02.2013, 04:26:50 CET

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