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The patriot (00000289)
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I am the founder/leader of the American Liberation Front. Although small, we have the intent of global dominion. I really would rather have everyone get along and respect one another, however a vast number of people have spoken. All of them have been silenced. I am upset and angry about the ignorance and disrespect that has bred this generation of humans, in North America especially. At the meager age of 17, I see the "Adult World" greeting me with hostility and unhappiness, dooming me to a life as a slave to the banks, corporations, and my corrupt nation. I do not set out to hurt anyone. I will not break into homes, kidnap, murder unarmed people (even soldiers or the police), I will not steal from people (banks/corporations/insurance rackets aren't people), I will not involve anyone who didn't involve. I hope I can live with my decisions and I hope the families and loved ones of my enemies can, through the heart, forgive me for doing what I think is right. I do it for my future children, I do it so everyone has a chance to think any way they want, I do it for you. So, please, forgive me for my actions. I'll be seeing you all in the newspapers.

Posted on 28.02.2013, 09:11:50 CET

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