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Hallucinating (00000297)
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I've ate three horses and killed a baby smurf last day. Well, I was very hungry, but I got super hungry and ate three whole horses. I then proceed to walk in a shopping mall and I saw that baby Smurf. Since the age of 6 I hate the Smurfs and I finally got confronted to one. So I took it to the restroom and drown his head in a toilet bowl. But something in this murder turned me on, so I masturbated for several times and ejaculated on the little smurf. Something weirder happened, her mom saw all the scene, I forced her to give me a blow-job and not repport it to the police, she accepted and enjoyed as well. She asked me to kill her other child. So we had a good time killing the second kid and had loads of sexual relations into the restroom in front of everyone. The end.

Posted on 01.03.2013, 16:57:25 CET

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