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Bloody Mary (00000316)
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I used a Quija board by myself. While using it, it spelled 676 and when I asked it if it was trying to hurt me or the family it said "just you" right afterwards I heard whispers in my ear. I freaked out. I moved the planchette to goodbye, blew out my candle and ran to the light switch. Then I was having a nightmare and my boyfriend woke me up. I had claw marks on my arm and side of my stomach. The next night same issue. Only this time 676 was carved into my side. I'm so sorry for what I have done and using the Quija board. i beg for God's forgiveness and protection.. I'm terrified.

Posted on 12.03.2013, 08:45:25 CET

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Comment from 04/05/2013, 11:32:44 CET []:
ouija boards are a big mistake....and demon attachments are scary. If you're not trolling, I pray for your protection...because demons hate humans but hate the name Jesus even more.
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