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Love Buzz (00000318)
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I am in love with my boyfriend for past 10 years. Currently I changed my job, one of my colleague said he will give lift in his bike since my house was very far. I went on his bike for a few days maybe 5 days. But I didn't tell my boyfriend about this. One day my colleague asked me to kiss him and I kissed him on his cheeks without thinking about my love.. I went with him on the bike only because of far away home. Once we were talking in office, he touched my breast for a second, I immediately left the meeting room and went to my seat. He called me to talk, but he did this nonsense. After that I stopped going with him. I stopped talking with him. I didn't even tell this to my boyfriend, who is my husband now. After nearly 3 years of this thing, I am feeling very very guilty now. I really know it's a sin to my true love. It's the biggest mistake of my life. I love my hubby more than my life. I would die for him, but I feel I cheated him. I don't know how to overcome this mistake. Every day its hurting me, please tell me what shall I do. It's killing me everyday.

Posted on 13.03.2013, 18:39:13 CET

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