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Temptation (00000373)
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Over the last two months, I made a vow to try to live without the need of self-gratification because I wanted to devote the energy to more positive things in my personal life. Tonight after going for two months I broke my vow in giving into masturbation, because I have kept in a lot of stress that so needed to release after keeping a lid on it for 60 days. I feel better to have relieved myself of unwanted stress on my part, but I also feel disgraced in having broken my vow after for a maintaining good will over the temptation of lust. However, I now know that I can start over my vow in living without self-gratification, because I understand the means of strengthening my will and devote my energy to more positive things in life. I repent for my sins and I only ask the Lord for his forgiveness in giving into the temptation of lust, and I promise that I will learn to do better at resisting next time I feel the urge or temptation to give into masturbation. Thank you for taking the time to read my confession, and I wish you all a good week.

Posted on 15.04.2013, 09:55:07 CET

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Comment from 29/05/2013, 17:39:07 CET []:
There are times when, a man has got to do what a man has got to do, kudos bro.
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