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The Trunk (00000386)
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This happened 25 years ago. I (m/38) was about 14 when two friends and I were walking through neighboring forests. We always played soldiers there and would hide, shoot with pea guns and basically have a good time. One of us then came up with the idea of digging a deep trench. Then we wanted to attach thicket to our heads and perfectly disguise ourselves. Within about 20 cm depth we found a trunk, which was already pretty moldy because of the damp forest floor. We quickly put it down and used tools to see what was inside. When we then relatively easily broke it open, we couldn't believe our eyes. The trunk was stuffed full of Deutschmark (old German currency) notes (hundreds, fifties and twenties). Obviously we were excited, but after a few seconds we became scared that someone would kill us, or at least injure us, when they saw that we had found their trunk. Each of us took fifty Deutschmark (at that time it was a lot of money for us) and buried the suitcase again. After a few days we spoke about it again and though we wanted to perhaps take more money out, we didn't have the courage to do it anymore. After that we didn't speak about it because we were always scared that the money came from some ugly business. Even now I think about it almost every day. Since then, one of the friends has died in a traffic accident and I haven't been in regular contact with the other for nearly 20 years. Sometimes I think I should try to find this place and have a peek at the trunk.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 22:26:04 CET

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