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Bottle Deposits for Extra Income (00000392)
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I work in a large company with about 120 employees and the company provides us with free drinks. These are in bottles with a 25 cent return deposit. At some point I noticed that the bottles are not returned and are just thrown into big garbage cans. So now every few nights I go to these containers and stuff 3-4 blue bags full of these bottles. It's a nice secondary income and I bring in an extra 200 Euros a month just because everyone is too lazy to return the bottles. It rightfully belongs to me.

Posted on 27.04.2013, 20:57:58 CET

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Comment from 29/05/2013, 17:30:14 CET []:
Very resourceful, which also makes you a quite practical individual.

Comment from 29/05/2013, 18:17:58 CET []:
That's a quite practical extra income, resourcefulness always benefits for the better!
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