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My monster burp (00000406)
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When I (w) lived in my first apartment in my early 20s, I had a neighbor. An older bachelor, nothing remarkable. Only his extremely loud snoring drew my attention. The walls in this house were very thin and his bedroom apparently backed on to mine, so the noise from next door was often really noticeable. One day in the discount shop on the corner there was no more still water left, only sparkling, which I drank out of necessity. The next night I woke up thirsty and drank a lot of water, whilst the neighbor was busily snoring away again. Suddenly an incredible monster burp popped out of me. A booming roar, louder than I had ever experienced. At that moment the grunting abruptly stopped on the other side of the wall. I had actually burped the old man awake. I bet he never got woken up by a woman like that. When we next met at the garbage room he looked at me quite strangely. I dedicate this little story to the portion of the male population who do not want to believe that women do the same things as men. Honestly boys, how do you imagine the female organism to work? Yes, I confess that I burp and fart often and gladly, when I am alone. When something is in the pipeline, so to speak, no matter what direction, then out it comes. Just as nature intended, and you feel much better straight away!

Posted on 30.04.2013, 23:08:50 CET

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