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German history (00000408)
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I (f/20) am very interested in German history, particularly in the Second World War, which I have examined for years from various sides. That means I read a lot, visit museums and memorials and have even been to presentations by concentration camp survivors or their children who tell their story. Unfortunately these have become rarer and rarer, logically. I therefore know a lot about it and it's no wonder that I studied an advanced course in history for my final year at school, and now study it at university. But what personally annoys me a lot are people who act like we should still shoulder the burden of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Those laughable groups who try to get 6 million likes on Facebook to remember the 6 million murdered Jews for the Holocaust Memorial Day. Every criticism becomes preposterous and just because you find the writing style of a survivor taxing, you are apparently denying the Holocaust. Then you have to let yourself be called dumb and ignorant, and that you have no empathy for the victims of the Nazi regime. This hypocritical feeling of duty towards the survivors is just silly. In my opinion, you should obviously not forget what happened, but setting yourself up as an upholder of model standards and using sporadic half-knowledge to make ridiculous statements about me, has become the norm. It is exactly the same with similar catastrophes such as the tsunami in Sri Lanka. You hear about it in the news, you are shocked by it, so you like and share every post about donating to the victims, and then you quickly return to your first world problems. But how many of these politically correct do-gooders actually do something for the people in disaster areas, or against forgetting the enormous genocides of world history? None of them. So let me have my own opinion, my ability to bring about constructive criticism; let me attempt to study history to really do something about the fact that some young people don't actually know what Auschwitz was.

Posted on 02.05.2013, 03:56:32 CET

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