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Williy Wanker (00000412)
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Last week I arranged so that I was intentionally "caught" masturbating by two of my female friends. All three of us were at my place and then they said they would go to the shop and buy some beer and they said I could stay at home and relax. From my window I could see the road to the shop and I started to watch porno movies and masturbate, then I noticed that they were on the way back. What I first thought was that I would stop but decided to keep on going. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat sideways to the front door which means I could see the door in the corner of my eye when I looked at the computer. As I heard them in the hallway outside I was already rock hard and close to an orgasm but I kept going. I put on headphones so I could use that as an excuse for not hearing them. I was watching a lesbian movie where one girl was licking the other one intensely which was a huge turn on. Just then I noticed the door open but I didn't turn away from the movie and didn't pretend I noticed them at all, but I saw them both standing there watching me. They could easily see my cock because I was naked from the waist down and I was masturbating with my right arm which was away from them, so they had a nice clear view of my package. They probably thought I wasn't aware of them so they felt safe to stand there watching me for a moment. And after a few seconds i came hard. My whole body was stiff, with my back arched and my cum was shooting in several streaks. After my orgasm I turned and saw them both watching me, they giggled and I pretended to be embarrassed and giggled too, and I said "I didn't realize you would be back so soon". "Yeah right" said N with a smirk. I had a shower and after that everything was cool. They didn't seem to mind. Yesterday I was at one of the girl's place and she had just had a bath and wore jogging trousers and a baggy top with a serious U-neck, and while I was sitting in her room she was picking clothes and stuff up from the floor and every time she bended over I could see down her top, and sghe wasn't wearing a bra on, that I got a good view of her beautiful tits with the nipples and all. She kept doing that, I had difficulties focusing on her face when she turned to look at me. It was extremely exciting and I had to go to the bathroom to wank, and then I found her used panties there so I had a nice wank while sniffing them. She just drives me crazy! The other girl is also sexy but I'm not as interested in her.

Posted on 04.05.2013, 14:54:12 CET

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