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Murder I wrote (00000418)
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I have never liked my older sister. I have always envied her. Everything always seemed to go her way. She was the smart one, the prettier one, she was the most successful one, and she was also the favorite child. What was I then? I was the annoying deadbeat loser who should be more like her sister. About a year ago, my sister got engaged to her boyfriend of 5 years. This bothered me since I never even had a boyfriend that lasted longer than a week. 2 weeks before their wedding, I made a nice little phone call to my sister's fiancé. I convinced him to come over to my house for a "little talk about how he will be always be there for my sister." When he got to my house, there was no talk. Instead, I broke a glass bottle over his head, which knocked him out cold. Then, with my leather gloves on to hide any finger prints, I proceeded to drag his body into his car. I drove the car a good 15 minutes away from my house. Then I crashed into a tree, on purpose, jumping out before I did it. The crash killed him. It was perfect. It looked as if he died in a car crash on his way to my house. I walked home. The next morning, I got a call from my sister. She was crying and telling me that the police found his body in the crashed car. I pretended that I felt bad for her and asked her if she wanted me to come over and comfort her. Luckily she said no, and that she would okay. The bad thing about this whole thing is, I don't even feel bad about this. In fact, the death of her fiance killing her inside made me feel great about myself. It made me feel like I gave her what she deserved. I am 24 years old, and I killed my older sister's fiance. And I feel great about it.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 06:03:48 CET

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Comment from 27/05/2013, 17:53:40 CET []:
You're too young to have wasted your life with regrets. The only way for you to enter heaven is to ask forgiveness to the one you committed the sin with.

Comment from 17/11/2013, 15:06:14 CET []:
The world could do with less people like you. If you didn't feel any emotions then you are clearly a psychopath. I don't know how you could have the audacity to atone for your sins if you have no regret.
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