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The overdressed shop assistant’s questions (00000420)
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I (f/20) would like to confess that overdressed shop assistants intimidate me. I am no wall flower and I don't look bad myself, but the problem for me are the modern, overdressed shop assistants who give you the once over as soon as you walk into the shop. Every now and again I look around in a boutique because the clothes they have on offer are quite different from mainstream shops. I mean, most shop assistants are nice and polite, just customer-oriented; however I feel uncomfortable in their presence. I picture them thinking immediately, "Oh god, that bag does not go with those shoes!" etc. Also, the endless questions about why I don't want those trousers annoy me. Just the same as the reproachful "so you didn't find anything?" Or the pushy "but that top looked great on you". The same goes for the cosmetics counter. When I go to the cosmetics section because of a product, a blemish is taken for a reason to push another product on me. "Yes, the lipstick goes perfectly. But there on your cheek I can see an enlarged pore. Would you not like to try our pore reducing serum for 59 euros?" Hereby I confess that I don’t have enough self-confidence, otherwise I wouldn't care what such-and-such a shop assistant thinks of me. Secretly I wish for unconventional types, like fat, happy, older women or young women with dreadlocks as shop assistants.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 22:42:41 CET

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