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Losing Myself (00000528)
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I don't really know why but [...]
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Posted on 30.07.2013, 11:53:50 CET
Place: Lake Eldora

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Comment from 31/08/2013, 21:51:00 CET []:
Put up your number in the comments and see what happens

Comment from 01/10/2013, 16:52:06 CET []:
Well, a lot of women have fantasies like that, but there is a big difference between fantasy and reality. So please donīt do something stupid and tell unknow people your phone number, donīt even meet up with strangers. That can be really dangerous. Wait with sex until you fall in love with someone.

Comment from 16/11/2013, 18:20:54 CET []:
hi dear i can help you with that ok just add me on facebook and i will give u some of my friends who are interested in that ok my name on facebook is Angela Smith or you can give me ur user name on facebook ok so i add u
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