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Feeling Empty (00000531)
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I had this boyfriend, who broke up with me after a while. When he announced this to me I didn't really know how to respond. I just felt emotionally numb. I was in very emotional and stressing relationships before him, that I cried my share of each of them, but when it came to the end our relationship, it didn't hurt that bad. I wasn't sad. until recently, he won't even talk to me. He already went through another relationship of his own a week after. Now I just want to talk to him, and apologize about how shitty of a partner I was and I'm sure he hates me right now. All I want to do is talk but it kills me on the inside every time I see his name on my social network. I've started smoking cigarettes, and drinking because of this amount of emptiness I feel inside.

Posted on 04.08.2013, 15:32:55 CET
Place: Elbertberg

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Comment from 17/08/2013, 15:11:45 CET []:
I've played the same game, went through the same feelings. Ultimately, I ended up devising a list with things to do whenever I break up, to make myself feel better and grow stronger, past the failures that hindered my everyday activities. let me know if you want to chat some more with someone who went through similar ordeals as you did. Alex
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