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Ripped My Hole (00000554)
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I'm (f) 13, and I masturbate uncontrollably. I can't control it. I've figured out how to have something in my vagina and my ass at the same time. I once ripped my hole and bleed all over the sheets. My mom thinks I had my period, but nope, I was up at 1 am using makeshift dildos, as I do every night. If I don't I can't sleep and the next day I get turned on over every little thing.

Posted on 16.08.2013, 08:46:54 CET
Place: Bernhardberg

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Comment from 29/09/2013, 19:20:30 CET []:
You are slut... die. You are 13 year old female and you masturbate? What the hell is wrong with kids these days? Sick people!

Comment from 01/10/2013, 16:41:55 CET []:
ironibiki, what´s wrong with you? she is not a slut and why should she die, just because she likes to do it with herself? You should go die, because obviously you are not from this century.

Comment from 16/11/2013, 17:53:04 CET []:
Hi dear i hope u have come over it but if not the just keep on fucking ur pussy ok

Comment from 02/01/2014, 22:52:39 CET []:
Ouch, that must hurt like a motherfucker. Sorry about your genitals though.

Comment from 25/03/2014, 13:26:51 CET []:
Whats wrong with you people?!

Comment from 28/07/2015, 16:30:23 CET []:
It bleed because you broke your hymen.

Comment from 31/08/2016, 03:01:11 CET []:
If you're bleeding a lot, either you went too fast or you broke your hymen. Also, @ironibiki, you should just stop. Insulting her will not do anything.
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