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Gun's And Roses (00000534)
2.7/5 (278 Votes)
I (f/23) have an obsession with Axl Rose, I have orgasms to his voice, his videos and his pictures, I know that addiction is wrong but I stalk him everyday, because I love him.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 03:06:38 CET
Place: Ernieview
My Boyfriend And His Best Friend (00000533)
2.7/5 (261 Votes)
I had a wonderful, and a [...]
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Posted on 07.08.2013, 10:17:42 CET
Place: Arvidview
Stealing Candies (00000532)
2.6/5 (226 Votes)
I stole some sweets, and candies in the middle of the night without anyone knowing. Since no one knew I took more and more until they were all gone. Every time someone asks who took the sweets and candies, I'd say that I didn't do it.

Posted on 05.08.2013, 23:35:54 CET
Place: Strackemouth
Feeling Empty (00000531)
2.6/5 (186 Votes)
I had this boyfriend, who broke up with me after a while. When he announced this to me I didn't really know how to respond. I just felt emotionally numb. I was in very emotional and stressing relationships before him, that I cried my share of each of them, but when it came to the end our relationship, it didn't hurt that bad. I wasn't sad. until recently, he won't even talk to me. He already went through another relationship of his own a week after. Now I just want to talk to him, and apologize about how shitty of a partner I was and I'm sure he hates me right now. All I want to do is talk but it kills me on the inside every time I see his name on my social network. I've started smoking cigarettes, and drinking because of this amount of emptiness I feel inside.

Posted on 04.08.2013, 15:32:55 CET
Place: Elbertberg

Vampire Diaries (00000530)
2.9/5 (387 Votes)
Okay, so I cut myself a lot and I actually find some pleasure in it. I've been single for like forever, so I started to experiment. One day when I cut, I felt so fucking turned on. I'm starting to think that what I am doing is sick, but I'm not sure. I'm cutting almost every day and I'm smiling about it. A year ago when I was about to go down on my girlfriend, I dug my nails into her skin so deep it bled. I licked up the blood and she looked at me like I was crazy. She left that night and never talked to me again. I feel so fucking trapped.

Posted on 04.08.2013, 09:04:50 CET
Place: East Lindsey

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