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When I Was Fourteen (00000520)
2.8/5 (260 Votes)
It was a while back when [...]
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Posted on 14.07.2013, 00:54:06 CET
Place: Volkmanmouth
Bad Ass (00000469)
2.5/5 (250 Votes)
I was walking to school when I saw this cat. So intentionally, I kicked it, and kept kicking it until I was sure it was dead and then, fueled by my rage, I went up to the nearest house, and broke all the windows before proceeding to pee on the walls. After that, I went to school, and beat up the fattest kid I could find, then threw all my books at him while he was on the ground, nearly beating him to death. Next, I kept spitting on him, and telling him he didn't deserve to exist, hitting him once more knocking him into unconsciousness. By that time the teachers grabbed me, but being so big, they could not restrain me, and I started to punch the smallest teacher, but they finally restrained me off of him, and the police came and brought me in to the county station where I refused to do what they said, and attacked an officer. For all this I spent a little over a week in jail.

Posted on 30.05.2013, 20:14:30 CET
Lovefool (00000433)
2.6/5 (197 Votes)
I don't know why but I like wearing woman's underwear I can't seem to help myself please forgive me. I am wearing bra, and panties right now and as usual I feel terrible about myself I love women but can't seem to find one that loves me maybe that's why I do this. Please help me

Posted on 13.05.2013, 18:22:57 CET
The woman at the traffic lights (00000415)
2.7/5 (173 Votes)
Once, a woman stood next to me at the traffic lights. When I saw that no cars were coming, I began to walk across the road on a red light. The woman, who at this point was standing in the same place as me, asked if the traffic lights were already green, whereupon I, because I took it for a telling-off, snapped at her asking if she thought she was my mother. When she then explained that she was blind, my heart sank into my boots. I ran back to her, apologized a thousand times and said that I hadn't noticed, and that the light was still red. Even today I am embarrassed when I think of this story, even though I really didn't realise and since then I have taken it upon myself to pay more attention to my surroundings and not behave so arrogantly to fellow human beings.

Posted on 03.05.2013, 17:15:39 CET

My knight in shining armor (00000332)
2.4/5 (167 Votes)
A few years back, I was in a relationship with "The Perfect Guy", or at least that's what he made me believe. He made me fall for him in such a short time, and because I had no experience with men whatsoever, I lost my virginity to him. That's where everything changed. My so-longed prince charming turned into a frog in no time. He was jealous even from my brothers, abusive, he wanted to control every single aspect of my life. Well, during our relationship, he gave me a gold ring that, according to him, belonged to his mother and he had been saving it for "The One". Some time later, I got fed up from his abuses, left him for good and moved to Spain. What happened to the ring? I sold it and got a good amount of money for it. I have to say that I cannot be more satisfied.

Posted on 25.03.2013, 08:23:34 CET

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