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Imaginary Lover (00000471)
2.4/5 (156 Votes)
I made up a whole story to my friends about me being in a relationship with this super hot guy and the want to meet him. Whatthe hell do I do?
Tags: Curiosity Lie

Posted on 31.05.2013, 02:06:44 CET
Place: 6th avenue, Lexington, ky, usa
Unconditional Love (00000470)
2.7/5 (179 Votes)
When I was 14, I started texting a guy, and started talking about hanging out and dating. After just a couple of days he broke me down, and convinced me to send him a picture of my tits. After that we just stopped talking.

Posted on 31.05.2013, 00:01:16 CET
Blessing in Disguise (00000464)
2.5/5 (97 Votes)
This is more of an odd moment when God saved my life. I was taking a cool picture of the road in front of our house, you know those streets with yellow and black pavement lines and stuff. Well, when I was finished, I got up and noticed something. There was a speeding car behind me, literally. So what I did was, I tried to run inside, and didn't know what to actually do. I didn't hear anything at all. Then, I came back out to check, it was cold outside. No one was out, and it was quiet. I'm still skeptical that it was there. A Hispanic guy with a hat looked down at me, than looked at the road, as if he was ignoring my existence. He drove in a truck, so I know I would've heard it. I could hear it as it drove away. The mysteries of life, But I do know that God saved me from getting run over. I could feel him.

Posted on 28.05.2013, 03:52:12 CET
Place: Road
Climb any Mountain (00000449)
2.8/5 (93 Votes)
I'm a lesbian who pretends to be a guy on chat sites so I can see straight girl's titties. They're amazing creations in all aspects, angles, symmetry, and they're perfect in size whatever cup it is. It shapes my world and fills my cup of tea!

Posted on 21.05.2013, 06:22:33 CET

Rainbow Bright (00000441)
2.7/5 (113 Votes)
I ate an indigo, a red, a yellow, an orange, a green, a purple, a blue, and an indigo crayon all at the same time, then waited for at least 6 hours, although my hurt like it was being ripped open with a blunt knife, I pooped out the crayons i ate, and out came a rainbow! It really did hurt though.

Posted on 16.05.2013, 20:20:59 CET

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