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Real meat at lunch (00000312)
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This lunchtime a few friends came to have lunch at mine, since I had offered to cook something for everyone. As I found out shortly before, one of them was bringing a hated acquaintance with him, who I would rather sooner have uninvited. This person is a die-hard vegetarian who loves to lecture so-called carnivores on their eating habits in order to terrorize them. By the way, I have nothing against vegetarians, but rather against egotistical naggers who want to dictate how I should live. I had planned to make lasagna, but now I could forget that. I would have prepared something else straight away, but then this person wrote me a rude text in which she point-blank declared what should be served. I was unfortunately already so irritated that I just made my lasagna and later sold it as this fake meat (I sadly have no idea what you call it but it's not tofu). At first I was sure that the cow would expose me. In my opinion you can taste a difference between fake meat and the real stuff, but no way. She found it delicious and had a second helping. I had to stop myself from dying of laughter the whole time and from observing her too much while she was eating. In hindsight I am already sorry for the whole thing, which is why I am confessing here, but when I think of it, another grin appears on my face. It is surely not one of the worst incidents that are posted on here, but for an otherwise honest and predictable person like me, it is.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 05:39:14 CET
Shock for the demonstrators (00000309)
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I confess that I (w, 22) regularly go to demonstrations against gay marriage with my best friends just so that we can place ourselves in front of the demonstrators and kiss. In fact neither of us are lesbians but it is just too funny to watch the faces of the people demonstrating. Besides, it's ludicrous that marriage between same-sex partners still isn't allowed.

Posted on 10.03.2013, 15:35:15 CET
The unusual shadow play (00000308)
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I also want to confess something: My first time was when I (w, 20) was 14 and my boyfriend at the time was about 16. It was also his first. Now my boyfriend naturally wanted to try every position and way that he had heard of. So it came about that my boyfriend deflowered me in the same week that he persuaded me to have sex on a desk. On top of that, he had a glass door in his room, so we only had a curtain to hide behind. The desk was directly opposite this glass door. So it was: curtain down, me on the desk and away we went. Only unfortunately there was a lamp directly behind me which created an enormous "shadow puppet play" on the curtain. However we didn't realize until later, when my boyfriend's mother drove me home and told us that she had noticed a real shadow show in my boyfriend's room. She had even called her husband over to see the shadow play, since she alone couldn't work out what we were playing at. She said that her husband just laughed and said he didn't know what was going on either. Therefore she wanted to know now what had happened in his room. We both went as white as a sheet and looked at each other mortified. Unfortunately she noticed our apparent exchange of glances and aghast, she stuttered something about how the desk only had one leg and she didn't know how much it would hold and it was better to leave the whole thing alone. Thank God we had already arrived at mine and I hastily fled the car. So I would like to confess that because of our carelessness his parents were unexpectedly confronted with our sexuality and I am ridiculously ashamed of myself even now whenever I look back.

Posted on 10.03.2013, 06:59:18 CET
Fun with a Roman (00000307)
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Since I was 13, I (w, [...]
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Posted on 10.03.2013, 01:55:46 CET
Poisonous chocolate (00000287)
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This story happened some time ago. I (f) was about 16 years old at the time. Every second weekend I visited my father, who lived in an apartment building. He was the superintendent of the building. Around Christmas time he decorated the landing of every stairwell with a fir-branch full of chocolate. After a while, some of the neighboring lads noticed this, and straight after the decoration every Saturday, they would rip the chocolate off and clear off. In spite of my father's warnings, the boys kept doing it. Now to my confession: We borrowed a syringe with a very fine needle from my stepmother. Next we filled the chocolate with Tabasco and hung them on the branches right on schedule. We lay in wait for the lads outside and, they arrived, just as punctual as ever. They ran into the building and ripped off all the chocolate from the branches again. Then they scarpered to the nearest bus shelter. As soon as they greedily bit into the chocolate, they spat it out just as quickly. We then laughingly told them, that we had injected the chocolate with poison. They bolted pretty quickly. A while later, the parents of the gang of thieves came to our door. Of course, we explained. Sorry that frightened them just for fun, but the rest of it was really funny!

Posted on 28.02.2013, 00:32:23 CET

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