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Lord I Have Sinned (00000543)
2.4/5 (176 Votes)
I (f/23) sinned last night. Using porn to masturbate and lust after women. Treating them as sexual objects instead of daughters of the Creator. God forgive me. Wash me and cleanse me Lord. Amen.

Posted on 13.08.2013, 16:47:59 CET
Place: Martinhaven
Sharp Childhood Attacks (00000541)
2.7/5 (193 Votes)
One Christmas, all I had was a vegetarian sandwich in my bedroom for dinner, because I was in the middle of such a bad nervous breakdown, one of many other ones I have had. I could not eat with everyone. There are times I would shake and get my swallowing phobia from childhood attacks of having a sharp instrument pushed down my throat.

Posted on 12.08.2013, 00:37:26 CET
Place: South Deltaport

Not Good Enough (00000540)
2.6/5 (197 Votes)
I'm a coward. I wish I was good enough for the guys who I like. I was interested with one or two cute guys that I felt unworthy of them, and I just decided to keep things to myself.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 21:10:33 CET
Place: Belletown
Falling In love Again (00000539)
2.6/5 (189 Votes)
I (f/24) was raped as a virgin thirteen years ago, and I let this man use me again six months after we first met. Why did I do that? Well, I guess I didn't know better and I had no idea what love was anyway. I found it was becoming a compulsion to go upstairs with strangers in hotel rooms and walk away as if I was fearful of closeness, intimacy and getting hurt to love again. I have not been with a man since then and I only have occasional sex chats on the internet. But I am now afraid of sex and having sex again, I'm so afraid I will collapse or suffer. I want to fall in love and have sexual pleasure in a way, but I am scared. Most of the men I meet want to control and force me into a strange and sexual mind set of abuse sex. I'm so afraid of a man hurting me if I fall in love with him before having sex.

Posted on 11.08.2013, 20:42:00 CET
Place: Amparoville
Feeling Empty (00000531)
2.6/5 (186 Votes)
I had this boyfriend, who broke up with me after a while. When he announced this to me I didn't really know how to respond. I just felt emotionally numb. I was in very emotional and stressing relationships before him, that I cried my share of each of them, but when it came to the end our relationship, it didn't hurt that bad. I wasn't sad. until recently, he won't even talk to me. He already went through another relationship of his own a week after. Now I just want to talk to him, and apologize about how shitty of a partner I was and I'm sure he hates me right now. All I want to do is talk but it kills me on the inside every time I see his name on my social network. I've started smoking cigarettes, and drinking because of this amount of emptiness I feel inside.

Posted on 04.08.2013, 15:32:55 CET
Place: Elbertberg

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