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My Secrets to the World (00000473)
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So I was with my best [...]
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Posted on 01.06.2013, 14:45:20 CET
Place: canada
My bore of a colleague (00000417)
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I (f/28) saw to it that a colleague was dismissed without notice. I work in a group practice and a while ago a dear colleague left because she became pregnant and wanted to devote herself entirely to her child and mother. The boss recruited a new colleague who, from the beginning, never wanted to fit in with the team. She constantly reproached us, told us that we should be doing this and that differently, and always imposed her opinion upon us. At the beginning we really tried to talk to her and listen to her suggestions, because when you have worked somewhere for a long time things can get a little stagnant and you should be open to new suggestions. But she suggested such nonsense that we could not agree to it. It went so far that she would chase after you for a whole day and talk about the same topic. One day she started claiming that we were manipulating and sabotaging her work. She shocked one colleague so much that she started to cry. With patients she was also unpopular. No sensitivity or discretion, snotty answers and fairly often she would even start throwing swear words around. Our bosses knew nothing about this, or said nothing. The morale of the team got worse and worse. Every day there was an argument or a squabble with her. One day she accused me of purposely hiding things from her and claimed I was bullying her. Upon hearing that I said to her that I had never done such a thing but I would start doing so now. That evening I went to the boss and told him everything, really everything that this paranoid old bag had fucked up in the last month. Every crossword to a patient, every mistake. Yes, I grassed her up. I admit it, it was nothing else but that. The next day the colleague had to go to the boss' office. Result: immediate termination! I was shocked, I honestly had thought that she would get a written warning so that she would get a grip on herself, but getting the sack straight away? In hindsight I feel quite sorry about the whole thing.
Tags: Work Discord

Posted on 06.05.2013, 03:08:29 CET
German history (00000408)
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I (f/20) am very interested in German history, particularly in the Second World War, which I have examined for years from various sides. That means I read a lot, visit museums and memorials and have even been to presentations by concentration camp survivors or their children who tell their story. Unfortunately these have become rarer and rarer, logically. I therefore know a lot about it and it's no wonder that I studied an advanced course in history for my final year at school, and now study it at university. But what personally annoys me a lot are people who act like we should still shoulder the burden of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Those laughable groups who try to get 6 million likes on Facebook to remember the 6 million murdered Jews for the Holocaust Memorial Day. Every criticism becomes preposterous and just because you find the writing style of a survivor taxing, you are apparently denying the Holocaust. Then you have to let yourself be called dumb and ignorant, and that you have no empathy for the victims of the Nazi regime. This hypocritical feeling of duty towards the survivors is just silly. In my opinion, you should obviously not forget what happened, but setting yourself up as an upholder of model standards and using sporadic half-knowledge to make ridiculous statements about me, has become the norm. It is exactly the same with similar catastrophes such as the tsunami in Sri Lanka. You hear about it in the news, you are shocked by it, so you like and share every post about donating to the victims, and then you quickly return to your first world problems. But how many of these politically correct do-gooders actually do something for the people in disaster areas, or against forgetting the enormous genocides of world history? None of them. So let me have my own opinion, my ability to bring about constructive criticism; let me attempt to study history to really do something about the fact that some young people don't actually know what Auschwitz was.

Posted on 02.05.2013, 03:56:32 CET
Saving for Vacation (00000399)
2.7/5 (83 Votes)
My girlfriend and I were together for three years and we had never really had the opportunity or enough money to go on vacation. Since after a dry spell we both had jobs with average wages, we began to make plans. We both had about 1500 Euros net in our pockets. We quickly discovered that our trip to the USA with everything we wanted would cost about 6000 - 7000. So we decided to set up a savings account with the goal of having enough money in two years at the latest. As soon as the account was set up, I set up a monthly payment of 100. I was so obsessed with the trip that sometimes I added money to the account from bonuses, vacation pay, etc. I was always really good about adding money without looking at the account. But about three weeks ago I was curious and wanted to know how much had accumulated after almost 17 months. I almost died when I saw the account activity. My girlfriend had apparently only added little amounts of 4 - 5 Euros a month and there was even one deposit of 37 cents. That made me suspicious so I got the complete account statements. I figured out who paid what. She had saved all of 67.44 and my lion's share was 2,790. I wanted to talk with her politely, but I got a flippant answer and she asked, "What's so bad about it? We can just book a club holiday on an island. With 3,000 we can definitely enjoy something nice." Two days ago, I withdrew my 2,790 and I've already made some purchases online. Computer accessories, DVDs, a new cell phone, and yet I still have €2200 left. I'm still deciding how the remaining money can be selfishly spent on me. I'm really considering going on vacation alone. And I don't really give a damn what she'll do then. I ask forgiveness!

Posted on 26.04.2013, 06:45:38 CET

Our Harmonious Village (00000396)
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I (f) live in a small town with a maximum of 200 people, half of which are crazy. On the outside they look happy and peaceful while they secretly fight each other. In the middle of summer back when I was a toddler, my brother and I would run through our village stark naked in the heat to visit our friends in a wading pool. My parents received a letter with signatures from a lot of village members that our behavior was shameful for our village and that it would drag its reputation through the mud if we kept at it. I'm 18 years old now and the author of the letter who argued for the good name of the village has since been put in the loony bin after he went on a rampage at his home so bad that the SWAT team had to storm the house. The community wanted to keep the incident a secret , guess who isn't and who is gossiping at school out of revenge.

Posted on 28.04.2013, 09:55:25 CET

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