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€5 Tip (00000206)
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Recently, I was with a few friends at a bar to drink a few beers. The pub is always popular and the prices are average, as well as the ambiance. The evening was going wonderfully until we got to the point where we wanted to pay. Since I was celebrating my graduation, I decided to buy my friends a round. I paid the bill of €14.40 with a €20 bill. But the waitress didn't give me the change back, which for me was a fairly significant sum for me. She disappeared into the crowd, and when I tried to talk to her in private, she blocked me and said that it is appropriate to leave the change as a tip for the server. This custom is not unknown to me. I'm really not a miserly type, but her pointing it out like this really set me on edge. I don't know anyone who takes a €5 tip from an amount of €20. When I demanded my money again, the nice woman was pissed and there was a verbal confrontation where I was insulted in the worst way in the Bavarian dialect and was thrown out of the bar despite my loud protests because I disturbed the peace and was unfriendly to the staff. After this shock, we tried to recover and decided to forget it and continue our pleasant evening. But far from it after what had happened to us and we still didn’t get anything to drink, we decided to come up with half-drunken plans of revenge. There was a house by us that was being renovated, and so we grabbed a spray can of foam insulation. We filled balloons with a mixture of foam insulation, dirt, cigarette butts, and urine and tottered to the village pub, where we threw the balloons against the building under the cover of darkness. I can’t say if anyone saw us, but then we were cut off. It was really childish.
Tags: Work Discord

Posted on 10.12.2012, 18:01:26 CET
Where’s the Page? (00000194)
2.8/5 (102 Votes)
In our high school, we used exam booklets to hold stamped, official paper which was distributed in single sheets at the beginning of the exam. During a test just like in Physics or Chemistry for example, if I had absolutely no idea what the answer was for the last few questions, usually the most difficult ones, I used two pieces of paper for the first few questions and then started the last question on the last few lines. But instead of then getting a new sheet, I simply started correcting my other answers. 10 minutes before the exam was over, I numbered the other pages from 1 to 3, 2 to 3, but there was no page 3 to 3. It was really simple and absolutely brilliant at the same time. The teacher would notice during grading and thought that a page had been lost. Later the teacher would let me know and say how sorry he or she was, and I said that it wasn't a big deal, that the question was very simple and say what the answer was. Of course, I got the answer from classmates after the exam, so 6 to 8 different times I got all the points for questions I never answered. I would like to confess that I was somewhat sorry to see some teachers so desperate and begging my forgiveness. It wasn't directed at them.

Posted on 19.11.2012, 06:15:57 CET
My own sick amusement (00000155)
2.4/5 (125 Votes)
I must admit to several events of a sort of cyberstalking for my own sick amusement. I don't credit myself as a professional troll; especially since I started. I am a female; and when I began deceiving people for entertainment; I was around 11. The first case was actually on a children's virtual horse game, My next door neighbor also played. I made a second account; and pretended to be the boy she was interested in, partly out of pity for her and partly boredom. I soon found it was very enjoyable and proceeded to do this as the next 3 or 4 boys she was into. She was into boys very young; where I was practically a boy myself at this age. She never found out it was me. But this isn't where it ends.

The next victim was a girl I had met when I was 7; Tabi, in Ohio and we had kept in touch since then. I was probably near 12 at this time; so we had kept in touch for quite a while. She was depressed that she didn't have a boyfriend (admittedly she's still like this, except for the fact she's discovered she's Bi.) Anyway, she was complaining about it. I began to email her from a new email I whipped up, saying I was from a nearby school and in here grade and that I had found her email written somewhere, and just wanted to let her know I had wiped it off/erased it. I managed to start an awkward conversation and we soon started talking. I admitted I liked her; and she confirmed she was feeling attraction back. I let my then-friend, also online, Emmie join in on this. Apparently her sense of guilt was stronger then mine, for when I let her try something, she admitted she wasn't this person. This was followed by an unrelated argument about religion. Emmie was a Mormon and me and Tabi were very strong supporters of LGBTQ. We quickly stopped being friends with Emmie after that. I continued to deceive Tabi, with various accounts until she accused me, where I denied it and eventually actually got angry at her accusations. We got back in touch a while after that and she apologized for getting angry at me. We've had unrelated tiffs since then, but she never found out it was me. I really want to tell her, since she was so lonely and gullible; but it would ruin our friendship. especially considering I sent her ponygirl p**n on one of the emails. I'm not going to elaborate. I'm probably not the sickest f**k out there, and definitely not the most heartless, but I'm not an angel.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 05:56:11 CET
Place: Columbus, Ohio
A Case of Retaliation (00000153)
2.6/5 (97 Votes)
My mom's ex liked to take me to hospital appointments and make us dinner. He appeared considerate, but I wanted to see just how considerate he actually was. He sped around corners and gave me neck cramps for 1 hour drive each time I got a ride from him. When he cooked, he didn't check to see if the food was expired, nor clean out the fridge and cupboard when food expired so we frequently got food poisoning. I had enough. One day he left his dishes in the sink. So did I. He left his clothes in the washer and dryer. So did I. When I was told by my mom's ex in front of her that I was being a leech, I did stuff for my mom all the time any time she asked. This infuriated her ex cause I just made a liar out of him. When he confronted me in private I told him he had no bearing on my life and I didn't owe him anything. He got so up-in my face when he got drunk, he actually told me to get out of his face. I stood my ground infuriating him further till he threatened my life just to get me to leave the room. I told my mom this, and made it very clear how serious I was about that. Even though I couldn't care less cause he was a wuss that never did what he said. Finally, after mom and I had moved out without him, he came looking for mom late at night. She had gone to the landlord's mom's place for dinner cause she was invited by the landlord's mom. I told mom's ex, "she is out with "landlord's name". He assumed she was dating behind his back, made a scene, caused a ruckus, embarrassed mom and the landlord which finally resulted in him being banned from the property for trespassing. Now this man is in rehab for drinking issues. So that's why I tell people that get on my nerves, "don't mess with me or I'll copy you."

Posted on 16.09.2012, 13:23:50 CET
Place: Portland, Oregon

Guilty of not Guilty (00000102)
2.6/5 (144 Votes)
Recently my douche-bag of a neighbor was late for work and drove right passed a School Bus picking up children. From this he received a ticket for $250.00 US from the violation and was confessing to me his innocence. I encouraged him to fight the charge, knowing that if you lose the protest with the judge the cost is increased. Two acquaintances and myself are listed as witnesses. Somehow this just feels right.

Posted on 02.05.2011, 15:20:27 CET
Place: Sioux Falls, SD

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