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Real meat at lunch (00000312)
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This lunchtime a few friends came to have lunch at mine, since I had offered to cook something for everyone. As I found out shortly before, one of them was bringing a hated acquaintance with him, who I would rather sooner have uninvited. This person is a die-hard vegetarian who loves to lecture so-called carnivores on their eating habits in order to terrorize them. By the way, I have nothing against vegetarians, but rather against egotistical naggers who want to dictate how I should live. I had planned to make lasagna, but now I could forget that. I would have prepared something else straight away, but then this person wrote me a rude text in which she point-blank declared what should be served. I was unfortunately already so irritated that I just made my lasagna and later sold it as this fake meat (I sadly have no idea what you call it but it's not tofu). At first I was sure that the cow would expose me. In my opinion you can taste a difference between fake meat and the real stuff, but no way. She found it delicious and had a second helping. I had to stop myself from dying of laughter the whole time and from observing her too much while she was eating. In hindsight I am already sorry for the whole thing, which is why I am confessing here, but when I think of it, another grin appears on my face. It is surely not one of the worst incidents that are posted on here, but for an otherwise honest and predictable person like me, it is.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 05:39:14 CET
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I was having a normal girls nite out at one of the famous clubs, drinking like mad, getting totally drunk. Around 2am, we decided to leave, so i got in my car and drove home. I was so drunk I was seeing double and I was swerving left to right and I knew I couldn't drive. So I drove into the closest place I could. It was a 5 star hotel parking lot. I vommited outside my car door because I couldn't even stand up. I closed the door and fell asleep for a few minutes. I remember seeing a few stragers pass my parked car but I ignored it and continued to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and had a terrible urge to take a dump but was too dizzy to walk. I got out of my car and took a huge dump right next to my car in the parking lot. I felt better and drove home. I haven't entered that hotel since.

Posted on 06.03.2013, 09:03:53 CET
Place: Aukland, New Zealand
Disgusted (00000292)
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My sister used to date this guy back when she was 22 years old (she is now 28) last night i got very very drunk and went to bed with him. I feel awful and I love my sister very dearly, she is my everything. My world, my idle, my second mom. And I feel so terrible for doing this to her. She is now married to somebody else. And it was 6 years ago that they dated. But this is eating me up. What type of human being does this to someone they love so dearly??! I feel disgusting and used and embarrassed and shamed. I cannot believe I have done this. I pray that nobody ever finds out about this event. I will deny this to the very end. I am disgusted with myself. I hope this guilt and sick feeling disappears soon.

Posted on 02.03.2013, 18:04:42 CET
Parenthood (00000290)
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I hate my parents, although I love them for being my parents and all, they did not molest me in any kind and offered me the best they had so I guess this rant is rather ungrateful. That's the thing, they are just simple minded who flew with the wind innocently, way too innocent and just are being stupid. They just suck plain and simple. My mom doesn't understand anything to life and is afraid of everything that occurs, she's definitely the weakest person I know. My father is somewhat better, he is a good man but he is so stubborn that it keeps him in his loneliness and complete refusal of evolution of life. What I am angry about is that they just kept on making mistakes all throughout my education and I had to make me entirely myself. When I was fat and bullied, they told me I'd lose fat when I'd grow up and did nothing else. When I tried to lose weight by not eating for 10 days straight my nurse of a mom didn't do anything against it. When my mom found out that I smoked, she proposed to buy me cigarettes so I'd not waste money on it (nobody smokes in the entire family). When I smoked pot in front of them they did nothing about it either. DAMN IT WHAT KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU? Now I don't smoke pot anymore and I have a rather decent life but I continuously had to fight the traits I have inherited from them in order to be the person I want to be. I have not made a single step in life without failing considerably and now I am afraid to progress because I know that I will bite the dust. They make themselves look like fools to everyone, particularly me. They do not have any notion of appearance (I'm picky or materialistic at all but they not really dressing like hobos) to the point that I am embarrassed to hang out with them. My mom doesn't know how to cook, doesn't have any sense of style and cannot work her way around a house at all (ironing, sewing, cleaning). She does it somehow but a 5th grader would do better. My father never taught me anything significant and we never had any father-son bond of any kind (doing sports, fishing, road trips, sex talk and so on). They never supported any decision I made, always been like "sure, if that's what you want". That led me to make terribly wrong choices so many times. I could be glad that they had this attitude rather than opposing to everything but a little common sense would have gone a long way. So there I am, have been a loser all my life and fighting recurring depression because of all that, and also for hating my parents. Forced autosuggestion has helped me to achieve good things but deep inside I know that I will never be able to achieve anything great because of these genetics barriers and it tears me apart from my dreams. One of the reasons why I want to have kids is that I never want to make the same mistakes and I want to smash them across the face when they make mistakes and love them limitless righteously and truly make them superheroes of the new generation. My kids are going to rock that earth so bad you'll be sick of hearing about them in the news. So yeah, I hate my parents and I have to put up with their boring crap every time I am in contact with them even though I live across the globe from them and it makes me hurl. I only do it because I feel the duty of being a son but it makes me sick.

Posted on 01.03.2013, 14:10:41 CET

Joe's apartment (00000276)
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I have had the same landlord for the last two places I've lived. She opened a newly finished unit that I had reserved and moved into. After a few days I saw the dreaded, horrible roaches crawling around. I called her fulling expecting her to take care of this. Well, she's flat out refused, and told me I was the one who brought them into the house, and I had to take care of them myself. I pointed out that the house I just moved from had no roaches. If I was the one who brought them in, then that house would also have had roaches. That didn't matter to her. She is a rich woman, who lived in a large house and has plenty of money to go around, yet never does any repairs or takes care of her rentals. It pissed me off. It was easy enough to find out where she lived. So I planned my revenge. I took a glass vase smeared some vasoline around the inside opening, placed some food inside it and leaned it up against the wall so the roaches would crawl in to get the food, but couldn't get out because of the vasoline. I would let the roaches pile up all week long. Then late at night I would drive down the ally behind her house and I would dump the whole vase in her back yard. I did this for several weeks. Needless to say, she had to pay to have them removed from her home.

Posted on 25.02.2013, 09:18:28 CET

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