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Swap Meet (00000266)
2.7/5 (89 Votes)
When I was 16, we had [...]
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Posted on 19.02.2013, 05:26:05 CET
Dark secrets (00000258)
2.6/5 (141 Votes)
At the age of 19 I had sexual intercourse with 16 people which was one of my darkest secrets. Until now, I still tell my closest friends that my experience was with only 5, and I have not been faithful in any of my relationships. I don't know how to come about to terms with the thought that I am a slut. As I sincerely believe I am not, although the figures prove otherwise. I work with young children and every day, I apparently am the role model for my younger family members, that I worry my presence will ruin them if my Pandora's box would be revealed, which they would grow up and turn into me.

Posted on 04.02.2013, 22:16:14 CET
The Toy Car (00000200)
2.7/5 (62 Votes)
Two weeks ago, I was at the hardware store with my 4 year old son because it's is his favorite place. He curiously demands me to explain exactly what everything is. Right in the middle of our trip, he had to go to the restroom. I asked for the key at Information and went with him to the restroom. Pants down, pee pee in the toilet bowl. As we pulled his pants up, it clattered: one of his toy cars fell in the toilet bowl. He noticed it and demanded that I get the car back out from the toilet. I had no desire to do this because the bowl along with the drain pipe was totally filthy, brown stripes, etc. So I quickly pulled him away and told him that everything was flushed away and gone. He howled like a siren, and the employee from Information came running because she thought an accident had happened. After I explained what happened, she said, "No problem" rolled her sleeve up, held the drain pipe, and then stuck her arm in up to the armpit. She fiddled around for a while, looked up at me, began to whoop, and then said beaming "I've got it" I thanked her profusely, washed my hands and the toy car at the sink, and then made room for her. However, she only shook her arm a few times to get the liquid off, rolled her sleeve back down, and went back to reception. I'd like to apologize to all the customers that shook her hand afterwards.
Tags: Disgust Work

Posted on 25.11.2012, 17:24:14 CET
Thirsty in the Night (00000140)
2.8/5 (125 Votes)
When I was 15 (f), I [...]
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Posted on 17.02.2012, 17:54:02 CET

Mocca on the coffee table (00000116)
2.4/5 (220 Votes)
I (m/21) recently became old enough to drink. My friends invited me to a party at their apartment where I exceeded my limit. I didn't throw up, but I got mega drunk. And in the middle of the night I didn't want to walk all the way to the bathroom to take a dump. My friends coffee-table, however, was right by to me. So they awoke the next morning, hungover, and seeing someone had taken a massive shit on their coffee table. They were extremely pissed. Needless to say my friends still don't know it was me.

Posted on 28.03.2011, 23:36:57 CET

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