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Morning Glory (00000526)
2.7/5 (207 Votes)
We have a refrigerator in our office, and my boss keeps his kool-aid in there. He always puts a new pitcher in there at night before he leaves, before I close up the shop. Every morning I watch him drink a glass, and take pictures. Then I go to the bathroom, and jerk it to pictures of my boss drinking my piss. I find this sexy. My wife found out about this recently, and she kicked me out. Now I'm staying at my bosses house, and I piss in her drinks every morning. Life is amazing.

Posted on 24.07.2013, 03:35:14 CET
Place: New Rachel
The Pedophile (00000517)
2.7/5 (118 Votes)
I'm a pedophile. I apparently like to lick little boys' penises, and to get inside their smooth, and tight behinds.

Posted on 13.07.2013, 14:35:29 CET
Place: New Katelinport

Dumped By My Guy (00000494)
2.5/5 (160 Votes)
I (f/24) shat on a building, and then rolled in it, screaming "I will never love again". This is in reference to being dumped by the pope.

Posted on 16.06.2013, 18:30:10 CET
Me And My Mutt (00000489)
2.6/5 (78 Votes)
I (m/23) once let my Alaskan [...]
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Posted on 12.06.2013, 01:14:41 CET
My Sister-In-Law (00000483)
2.6/5 (93 Votes)
I am peep on my sister-in-law when she takes a shower. She's the first young lady of my life, and I've seen her naked in shower since. I'm in love with her, and I stimulate myself while thinking about her. I know this is wrong, but I can't stop myself. I sniff her panties, and bra. I am afraid that I would rape her someday. Please me tell me what to do.

Posted on 09.06.2013, 07:48:02 CET
Place: home

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