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Hallucinating (00000297)
2.5/5 (136 Votes)
I've ate three horses and killed a baby smurf last day. Well, I was very hungry, but I got super hungry and ate three whole horses. I then proceed to walk in a shopping mall and I saw that baby Smurf. Since the age of 6 I hate the Smurfs and I finally got confronted to one. So I took it to the restroom and drown his head in a toilet bowl. But something in this murder turned me on, so I masturbated for several times and ejaculated on the little smurf. Something weirder happened, her mom saw all the scene, I forced her to give me a blow-job and not repport it to the police, she accepted and enjoyed as well. She asked me to kill her other child. So we had a good time killing the second kid and had loads of sexual relations into the restroom in front of everyone. The end.

Posted on 01.03.2013, 16:57:25 CET
Mail from Venezuela (00000164)
2.5/5 (73 Votes)
When I was still in school, I was often bullied by my classmates. They slashed my bike tires, stole my clothes, slapped me, and so on. The worst was when I had to invite my classmates over for a group project and my piggy bank was stolen. I was saving up for a plane ticket to America. Despite my suspicions, the thief was never unmasked, so I never saw my money again. Meanwhile, I'm now 29, went to college, married a beautiful Latina, and have a little daughter. Thanks to Facebook, it's easy to track down my less-affluent classmates. Since I often spend time in my second adopted home in Caracas, Venezuela, I always anonymously send packages containing white powder to my previous tormentors. Recently I met an old school friend who lives in the same apartment building as one of my childhood bullies. I learned from him that plainclothes police officers had searched this young man’s apartment a few weeks before. I was secretly as happy as a lark. Forgive me and I'm sorry.
Tags: Revenge Drugs

Posted on 21.10.2012, 00:23:48 CET
Losing My Baby (00000143)
2.7/5 (120 Votes)
I was 14 when I got pregnant. I had just broken up with the father (16) about a month before I found out. He and I had been together since I was ten, and at that age, we thought we were ready for sex. When I went to his house, everyone was either drunk or stoned. I freaked when I found out. I didn't want to be stuck with this guy for the rest of my life. I didn't want a kid in that kind of environment. I was still a kid myself. There was a rather large bottle of muscle relaxers that his mom kept on her bed side table. In a split second, I made a choice. I sent my older cousin a text, telling her to come get me. I opened the bottle and dumped out a handful. I swallowed it, and dumped another handful. I remember going to sit in their living room down stairs to wait to be picked up, and sitting on the couch reading the "Big Book of Baby Names" that my ex's sister had. I don't remember anything else. When I woke up, my mom slapped me so hard, there was a hand shaped bruise on my face for a week. I was told what I did. I had almost slapped my mom. I had punched my cousin when she tried to put me in the car. My blood pressure had almost dropped to nothing, and I should have died. I would have, if not for Michael. I lost my baby, and I know that the only reason I'm still alive is because he left to keep me here. If I hadn't been pregnant, if there hadn't been another soul for death to take, I would be in the ground. I killed my baby, who would have been named Michael, after his father. I have to live with the guilt of that everyday, and it eats away at my soul.

Posted on 23.05.2012, 19:32:06 CET
Place: Kansas City, MO, USA
Border control (00000037)
2.9/5 (197 Votes)
I (m/27) am working for several years at the customs office in Northern Germany. We regularly search busses and trucks at border crossing in this area. Mainly at the Dutch border. A few weeks ago, something happened to me that I just can’t keep quiet. A big touring bus, as you know them from school trip loaded with German students on their final trip came across the border from Venlo. A higher ranking officer called them off the road and we started searching the bus. We didn't find anything, but the Sniffer dogs were quite nervous. So we had to search all the 50 students. Since we were only with 5 people, we had to place them in rows of 10. I started at an outer end of the line but didn’t find anything at first. After a few students, I hit the jackpot: 5 grams of hash in a back pack. The boy, barely 18 years old started shaking and staring at my colleagues. I thought I wasn't watched (my colleagues were all busy searching their designated backpacks) so I said to him: "I'll keep it, and we’ll forget this ever happened." He nodded in relief and his eyes almost glazed over. A short while later the students were told to board the bus and traveled on.

Posted on 08.06.2009, 23:18:07 CET
Place: Venlo, Netherlands

Babble Attack (00000023)
2.8/5 (127 Votes)
One day, when I was in 11th grade my classmates and I smoked a stick during lunch break and came back to class completely and utterly spaced out. Unfortunately I fell foul to a babble attack 5 minutes into class and spend the rest of the time talking to my teacher. At the end of the session, she pulled me aside and told me she gave me the best grade for my verbal attention today.
Tags: Drugs School

Posted on 03.10.2008, 15:07:42 CET
Place: Forchheim, Germany

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