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Lost in Emotion (00000465)
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My boyfriend and I finally decided to do it after having multiple talks about making sure the first time would be special. Afterward, I mused, I can't believe I'm not a virgin anymore, and he freaked out! Turns out, he thought we had been talking about having our first time together. He kept asking "Did I hurt you?" and "Are you okay?" which got to be way too much after a while. He ended up being the emotional one, not me!

Posted on 28.05.2013, 06:46:30 CET
Secret love affair (00000462)
2.6/5 (113 Votes)
So I'm sort of in love with a guy in my home town and recently he went on a huge group trip to the beach where he started dating this girl whom I assumed was my friend. He didn't know of my feelings so I soon forgave him. She on the other hand, knew well of my feelings and absolutely shit on them. So enraged I decided to do something absolutely vicious, but I couldn't think of anything legal. I always talk to him and some other guys at the local campus hangout where all of my year awaits first classes and in the first month of their damned relationship he didn't sit with us he sat with her with us being me, and most of our football team, it does suck being one of the boys but a good few of them have the hotts for me! Anyway I hid the fact that I hated her with a hellish passion and when she confided in me about their first argument I decided the next day when I came to the spot I'd have to look spectacular. And spectacular wasn't a strong enough word for it. When I walked in he immediately started looking at me and then he said words I've been waiting to hear for awhile "Wow you look great". And later I found out they broke up that evening. Within a week I asked him to come to a going away party for me, I was leaving for Europe the next week , and when we hugged at the end of dinner he practically wouldn't let go. So the next night I sent a message to a friend if mine but I "accidentally" sent it to her detailing a wonderful dinner with him and how amazing the conversations the following days were. It's not a major sin but I showed that whore.

Posted on 28.05.2013, 03:44:55 CET
Place: Alabama

2.7/5 (172 Votes)
When I was 12, I used to pick on this on kid named griffin we were friends, but things got a little out of hand.Then one day I realized, I crossed the line I made him look like a fool in front of the whole class and I sorta feel bad, because the next day he said, he tried to commit suicide, but then his parents was able to stop him. I was really sorry I picked on him.

Posted on 25.05.2013, 09:10:23 CET
Mrs. Michael Phelps? (00000452)
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We were in our swimming unit for gym class practicing our dives and I wasn't really paying attention. I could barely hear my teacher, but all of a sudden I heard, "One, Two, Three" so I dove in the water and totally belly flopped. When I came back up, there was only one other girl in the pool. She was supposed to be doing an example! The teacher just looked up and said, "Okay, so now you have an example of how to do it, and how NOT to do it!"

Posted on 23.05.2013, 06:59:06 CET
Falling asleep with Bob Ross (00000416)
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I (f/20) have had some sleep problems for about 2 years now. It doesn't matter how early I get up, I cannot manage to fall asleep before 3 or 4 in the morning. I am actually extremely tired but I just can’t go to sleep. Instead, I lie there in bed for hours and get bored. Sometimes I am so frustrated that I just scream and throw myself here and there because I am so pissed off with myself and my inability to sleep. Of course in the mornings I can sleep! All I need to do is turn my alarm to "sleep" for five minutes and I don't wake up until hours later, which is obviously too late. But evenings? No way. I have tried everything; calming tea, warm milk, some sort of valerian "mist" nothing, I mean nothing helped. I was therefore at the end of my tether when I discovered my very own personal hero and knight in shining armor, Bob Ross. I can't put in to words how I felt when I discovered the effect he had on me. I was flicking through videos on YouTube when my glance fell on the recommended videos on the right-hand side of the screen. A "Joy of Painting" video by Bob Ross, 26 minutes long. I don't know what came across me, but I thought "Why not? If you can't sleep, you might as well use the time wisely and learn to paint or something". I clicked on the video and was mesmerised on the spot. That calming voice. Those nice, irrelevant sayings. That wonderful soft speech about some clouds and that chuckle when he breaks his paintbrush. I fell in love immediately. And fell into a deep sleep ten minutes later. Since then I have slept perfectly. I just need my daily dose of Bob Ross and everything is good. The only problem is just that I really cannot sleep without him at all anymore. So whenever I stay at my boyfriend's house or sleep over at a friend's, I have to wait until they have dropped off so that I can secretly listen to Bob Ross on my mobile phone. I would find it far too embarrassing to admit that I have become so dependent on this man that I have downloaded every one of his videos to my phone. Now I have listened to all his episodes and replay the same ones again and again. I actually already know them off by heart. It wouldn't be all that bad, but recently I have started to whisper along with the text. I find it somehow creepy and I am very worried that somebody will find out that I lie in bed at night and whisper "clouds are very free" like an old madwoman.

Posted on 06.05.2013, 02:57:11 CET

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