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Pretty Stupid (00000343)
2.8/5 (91 Votes)
My friend had a small brown and black dog. One night, he would not stop barking. I filled a pillowcase with batteries and beat him until he was almost dead. It was then where I drilled a hole in his head and put the wire through it. Now, the dog is still breathing at this point. I have a foot fetish and hate Jews. I am single. Anyway, I tied this wire to the back of my car and before driving away,I shot the dog with a shotgun and the blast was larger than the dog itself.

Posted on 30.03.2013, 02:43:34 CET
Teacher's Pet? (00000330)
2.7/5 (99 Votes)
I've really wanted to kill myself because of my teacher in English class, which is apparently one of my goals in life. She is mad at me for lending an owner to a seventh grader and thinking that I was in a food fight when I know I,m not. She just makes me want to die I know. She hates all of the students in my class. I know she wants us dead and I wanted to which I know is against God's will.

Posted on 23.03.2013, 00:39:41 CET
Bloody Mary (00000316)
2.4/5 (146 Votes)
I used a Quija board by myself. While using it, it spelled 676 and when I asked it if it was trying to hurt me or the family it said "just you" right afterwards I heard whispers in my ear. I freaked out. I moved the planchette to goodbye, blew out my candle and ran to the light switch. Then I was having a nightmare and my boyfriend woke me up. I had claw marks on my arm and side of my stomach. The next night same issue. Only this time 676 was carved into my side. I'm so sorry for what I have done and using the Quija board. i beg for God's forgiveness and protection.. I'm terrified.

Posted on 12.03.2013, 08:45:25 CET
Real meat at lunch (00000312)
2.8/5 (98 Votes)
This lunchtime a few friends came to have lunch at mine, since I had offered to cook something for everyone. As I found out shortly before, one of them was bringing a hated acquaintance with him, who I would rather sooner have uninvited. This person is a die-hard vegetarian who loves to lecture so-called carnivores on their eating habits in order to terrorize them. By the way, I have nothing against vegetarians, but rather against egotistical naggers who want to dictate how I should live. I had planned to make lasagna, but now I could forget that. I would have prepared something else straight away, but then this person wrote me a rude text in which she point-blank declared what should be served. I was unfortunately already so irritated that I just made my lasagna and later sold it as this fake meat (I sadly have no idea what you call it but it's not tofu). At first I was sure that the cow would expose me. In my opinion you can taste a difference between fake meat and the real stuff, but no way. She found it delicious and had a second helping. I had to stop myself from dying of laughter the whole time and from observing her too much while she was eating. In hindsight I am already sorry for the whole thing, which is why I am confessing here, but when I think of it, another grin appears on my face. It is surely not one of the worst incidents that are posted on here, but for an otherwise honest and predictable person like me, it is.

Posted on 11.03.2013, 05:39:14 CET

Caught on the toilet (00000305)
2.7/5 (76 Votes)
My girlfriend and I were caught [...]
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Posted on 06.03.2013, 21:16:03 CET

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