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Poisoning the stepfather (00000298)
2.7/5 (78 Votes)
When I was about 8, I tried to poison my stepfather. My stepfather had always treated me very badly, I was often hit and my mother continued to stick by him. After a while I developed such a hatred for him that I decided to get rid of him. I had once heard somewhere that too much salt can kill a person, so I came up with a plan: I would poison my stepfather with salt. Every meal time I mixed in some salt with his food. So that I wouldn't be apparent, I just took less salt. At the time I thought that it would take longer but that it would work all the same. He mostly didn't notice and only complained a few times that the food was too salted. I followed through for a few weeks, but when he was still as fit as a fiddle, I gave up. I only regret that I was too stupid to do it right.

Posted on 04.03.2013, 15:55:23 CET
Poisonous chocolate (00000287)
2.6/5 (62 Votes)
This story happened some time ago. I (f) was about 16 years old at the time. Every second weekend I visited my father, who lived in an apartment building. He was the superintendent of the building. Around Christmas time he decorated the landing of every stairwell with a fir-branch full of chocolate. After a while, some of the neighboring lads noticed this, and straight after the decoration every Saturday, they would rip the chocolate off and clear off. In spite of my father's warnings, the boys kept doing it. Now to my confession: We borrowed a syringe with a very fine needle from my stepmother. Next we filled the chocolate with Tabasco and hung them on the branches right on schedule. We lay in wait for the lads outside and, they arrived, just as punctual as ever. They ran into the building and ripped off all the chocolate from the branches again. Then they scarpered to the nearest bus shelter. As soon as they greedily bit into the chocolate, they spat it out just as quickly. We then laughingly told them, that we had injected the chocolate with poison. They bolted pretty quickly. A while later, the parents of the gang of thieves came to our door. Of course, we explained. Sorry that frightened them just for fun, but the rest of it was really funny!

Posted on 28.02.2013, 00:32:23 CET
Final Fantasy (00000278)
2.6/5 (103 Votes)
He knelt there in the dark room, alone but not afraid. He licked his dry, cracked lips in hopes that some moisture was still left in his body. He looked down at his forearms, bound by cuffs made of a strange, greenish-gray material that restrained his power. He sighed as his dark purple eyes flicked their gaze across them, scarred and bruised from years of training. Kneeling there, he got lost in his own thoughts. Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? Every day I ask these questions and I still get no answers. Who am I kidding? Even if I do find out, they will never let me go. It seems like only yesterday that I woke up in this strange place, but in all reality, it's been two weeks. Two weeks since I was attacked by people who I had not provoked, two weeks since I lost my temper and patience, destroying a whole village in the process, two weeks since I was captured and imprisoned, he thought to himself. He would lie awake at night, his dreams haunted by visions. Visions of a past that was not familiar to him. His tail swished behind him and he grabbed it and clutched it closely to his chest, for that was the only thing that kept him from going completely insane. "Are you really that far gone that you have to clutch your tail like that?" said a voice from behind him. Without turning around, he responded, "It's all I have left." He heard footsteps as the intruder walked around him so he could stand in front of him. "Loki, look at me, aren't I helping to keep you from losing your sanity?" The purple Lucario looked up at the figure standing before him. He was at least 6 feet, 8 inches tall, with a blue robe flowing majestically around his body, his purple eyes even more pronounced by the robe. He brushed a lock of purple hair out of his face as he looked down at Loki. If one were to stand back and look at the two of them together, they would think they were brothers; however this is not the case. Not only can no one but Loki see him, this man is Loki's re-encarnation. "Yeah, a past version of me that no one else can see is supposed to keep me from going totally insane. Makes perfect sense" Loki replied. "Well when you say it like that-" "Shut up! Someone's coming," Above him a door opened and the elevator started. It continued to run until it was at the bottom of the pit and then ascended back up to the top. Loki continued to look at the floor as a guard approached him. Loki looked up slightly, sizing up the guard. Apparently, they've gotten so cocky that they sent one of their weakest guards to handle him. "Get up Prisoner, your trial waits," the guard said lazily. When Loki did not move, the guard pulled out a sword and moved in to prod Loki. It was the last mistake he ever made. As the guard thrust the sword at him Loki moved swiftly and caught the sword between the cuffs. In a panic, the guard turned on the electrified aspect of the sword to try and get Loki to let go. Loki smiled with satisfaction as he felt his strength returning for not only did the sword heal him and strengthen his powers, they shorted out the cuffs. Now free Loki grabbed the sword and twisted it out of the guard's hand, then spun and drove the sword into the guard's chest and pulled it out, the blood of the guard spilling onto the floor. However, Loki was faced with a new problem, the lift. He knew it was voice activated from when they first brought him down there, so the lift coming down was out of the question. Loki smiled though, as this problem had an easy solution, he braced his legs, and using his power, he jumped up and landed on the top of the pit. He looked down at his old prison, five-hundred feet below him, took a deep breath, and ran into the hallways. He sprinted as fast as he could, killing guards and prisoners alike, anyone who got in his way was cut down by the whirlwind of death and destruction. Nearing the end of the hallway, he charged up a power punch and blasted the door open, sprinting into the light outside.

Posted on 26.02.2013, 16:38:41 CET
My Choleric Boss (00000157)
2.7/5 (211 Votes)
A few years ago I once worked in a small company with a choleric boss. The company was run by him and his wife, and there were five employees. The employees were yelled at for every little thing and he threatened to fire them. His wife, who watched us constantly, was also terrible. We weren't allowed to talk privately and she timed us when we went to the bathroom to make sure it didn't take too long. I could hardly believe the strict working environment there and I quit after only six months.

It was known that the boss liked to drink too much sometimes and still drove his car. Moreover, everyone in the company knew that he visited his favorite bar every Friday after work, and around 9:00 pm, when he was drunk, he got back in his car and drove home. And that's what I told the police in an anonymous letter: the name and address of the bar, his license plate number, the day of the week, and the time. On the Monday after I sent the letter, he didn't come in to work until about noon and without his car. Surprisingly, he was pretty subdued. He retreated to his office and we hardly saw him the rest of the day. I worked there for another four weeks and then started a new job. In those four weeks I never once saw him come to work with his car again. Until that day, he and his wife always came in separate cares, because she only worked half-days and went home at noon. After I reported him anonymously, he was driven to work by his wife in the morning and took the bus in the evening. I confess that I denounced my employer, who gave me my pay and my daily bread.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 18:55:42 CET
Place: Mainz, Germany

My own sick amusement (00000155)
2.4/5 (125 Votes)
I must admit to several events of a sort of cyberstalking for my own sick amusement. I don't credit myself as a professional troll; especially since I started. I am a female; and when I began deceiving people for entertainment; I was around 11. The first case was actually on a children's virtual horse game, My next door neighbor also played. I made a second account; and pretended to be the boy she was interested in, partly out of pity for her and partly boredom. I soon found it was very enjoyable and proceeded to do this as the next 3 or 4 boys she was into. She was into boys very young; where I was practically a boy myself at this age. She never found out it was me. But this isn't where it ends.

The next victim was a girl I had met when I was 7; Tabi, in Ohio and we had kept in touch since then. I was probably near 12 at this time; so we had kept in touch for quite a while. She was depressed that she didn't have a boyfriend (admittedly she's still like this, except for the fact she's discovered she's Bi.) Anyway, she was complaining about it. I began to email her from a new email I whipped up, saying I was from a nearby school and in here grade and that I had found her email written somewhere, and just wanted to let her know I had wiped it off/erased it. I managed to start an awkward conversation and we soon started talking. I admitted I liked her; and she confirmed she was feeling attraction back. I let my then-friend, also online, Emmie join in on this. Apparently her sense of guilt was stronger then mine, for when I let her try something, she admitted she wasn't this person. This was followed by an unrelated argument about religion. Emmie was a Mormon and me and Tabi were very strong supporters of LGBTQ. We quickly stopped being friends with Emmie after that. I continued to deceive Tabi, with various accounts until she accused me, where I denied it and eventually actually got angry at her accusations. We got back in touch a while after that and she apologized for getting angry at me. We've had unrelated tiffs since then, but she never found out it was me. I really want to tell her, since she was so lonely and gullible; but it would ruin our friendship. especially considering I sent her ponygirl p**n on one of the emails. I'm not going to elaborate. I'm probably not the sickest f**k out there, and definitely not the most heartless, but I'm not an angel.

Posted on 11.10.2012, 05:56:11 CET
Place: Columbus, Ohio

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