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A Taste For Women (00000509)
2.7/5 (212 Votes)
I (f/21) like this other girl, and I am a girl. She has a girlfriend and they both are my best friends. I'm really not sure what to do because homosexuality is a sin. But I still love girls. Help?

Posted on 09.07.2013, 08:05:24 CET
Place: North Collin
Cyber Sex (00000502)
2.5/5 (98 Votes)
Despite having had sex with guys [...]
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Posted on 26.06.2013, 13:43:29 CET
Attracted To The Same Sex (00000493)
2.7/5 (106 Votes)
I'm engaged to a man, I'm obviously a woman. But sometimes, I find myself looking at women very sexually, and I cannot stop myself. I love my fiance but I know that I have this very big lesbian side that I just feel horrible about because I feel as if I'm betraying him. I'm also Christian which just makes me feel even more conflicted. But I know I'm very much attracted to women more than men.

Posted on 16.06.2013, 05:51:10 CET
Cutting Edge (00000487)
2.7/5 (98 Votes)
I started cutting again. Two days ago. I've always had a problem, but I've been doing good. Again, up until Saturday. I just felt the strongest urge. Don't get me wrong, my life has been going good. But it's the past that's got to me. That, and the fact that my best friend from New York literally never talks to me anymore. I loved him. Saturday and Sunday I did little tiny cuts just so my mom wouldn't notice, and then I was messing with this cut/bruise I accidentally(yes, I promise. Accidentally.) got on this pointy plastic thing keeping the puppy out of the kitchen. Until I'd just keep opening and cutting that slit deeper, and deeper, my mom wouldn't notice anyway. it's hurting so bad right now. It bled a lot, I needed three tissues, and some blood even dropped on the floor. I know, I sound like an emo suicidal whiny little bitch. I'm actually not. I just have no other way of getting it out, and I haven't told anyone.

Posted on 11.06.2013, 09:54:36 CET

Made For Tv Movies (00000486)
2.7/5 (88 Votes)
When I was 9, I started to get addicted to porn. Now that I'm 14, I'm still struggling with my addiction, and I even masturbate. I just have to be honest, I like it, and I want to do it again, and again, and never stop

Posted on 09.06.2013, 18:44:28 CET

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