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Strike a pose (00000331)
2.9/5 (159 Votes)
I am a sissy cross-dresser. I try to walk like a woman. I even penetrate myself using a handle. I like to watch women in the street, not for lust but for learning to be like them. I envy them so much for their wide hips, big chests, and smoothly curved bodies. I even took 3 of my mom's underwear, which I wear regularly and hand wash them. I take a lot of pictures of me and post them online.

Posted on 24.03.2013, 22:57:04 CET
Pasta and Veggies (00000328)
2.7/5 (103 Votes)
I had sexual intercourse with noodles before I was married. They seduced me into taking a naked shower with them in spaghetti sauce. I also cheated on the lettuce in which I was committed to. And I also rubbed some butter on my legs, I consider that sin in itself.

Posted on 21.03.2013, 17:19:28 CET
Old McDonald (00000319)
2.8/5 (98 Votes)
I stirred on to a picture of a goat and it was amazing, but I couldn't help but feel bad about it because, you know, it's a goddamned goat. I feel bad but I was really fucked up at the time.

Posted on 18.03.2013, 06:05:01 CET
Cookie Monster (00000283)
2.6/5 (139 Votes)
I took a cookie when my mom told me not to. I am a very naughty boy. Please forgive me Buddha. I am so sorry for eating all of the cookies. Please forgive me for my gluttony. I am sorry.

Posted on 07.03.2013, 21:21:00 CET

Fencing with friends (00000275)
2.7/5 (75 Votes)
During the day, I'm your fairly [...]
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Posted on 25.02.2013, 07:33:15 CET

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