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Dark secrets (00000258)
2.6/5 (141 Votes)
At the age of 19 I had sexual intercourse with 16 people which was one of my darkest secrets. Until now, I still tell my closest friends that my experience was with only 5, and I have not been faithful in any of my relationships. I don't know how to come about to terms with the thought that I am a slut. As I sincerely believe I am not, although the figures prove otherwise. I work with young children and every day, I apparently am the role model for my younger family members, that I worry my presence will ruin them if my Pandora's box would be revealed, which they would grow up and turn into me.

Posted on 04.02.2013, 22:16:14 CET
Stamp Beggars (00000248)
2.5/5 (131 Votes)
I'm an employee of a wholesale company for construction materials. People receiving unemployment benefits always came in periodically and asked for stamps. Just so you know, they needed these stamps as proof that they presented themselves to us but we "unfortunately" didn't have a job for them. The audacity of these people knows no bounds. Usually they traveled in a group. One came in and asked if he could have a stamp, and when he got it, all of the rest came into the office and wanted one too. I never could understand why my boss was willing to distribute one stamp after another. I hated this baggage more and more every month and finally asked my boss if he thought it was right that we worked at least 8 hours every day while those damn parasites siege our sales counter every month just because they didn't want to work. This made him adjust his approach and from then on he always told them, "Send a real application to our HR department and then you can have one",or "Yes, send an application, we have a lot of different jobs available!" Then we never saw them again. Now for my confession. Afterwards I always reported these people to the (then) employment agency and denounced them as "stamp beggars", because I damn well wasn't going to see it again and I still haven't seen it yet to this day. Everyone else works hard every day and these miserable parasites live at our expense. One even wanted to buy coal from us once. He had a ration coupon for it. Now the guy was only so smart and asked us if we could write a receipt for the whole transaction but only give him half of the coal, he would take the other half in cash. Under the pretext of having to look over everything first, then we copied the coupon, called the employment office, then reported the guy to his adviser. Did I feel good about that? Yes, I would do it again today without batting an eyelid. If they would work like everyone else, they wouldn't have these problems.
Tags: Fraud Work Work

Posted on 27.01.2013, 19:53:11 CET
Trouble with the Boyfriends (00000135)
2.6/5 (177 Votes)
I have 3 boyfriends who all think that I love them, and 5 guys who think that I like them and they like me. But I truly do LOVE one guy, and he is the only one I want, but I'm scared to hurt these other guys. I'm not sure what to do.

Posted on 30.11.2011, 10:58:09 CET
Place: Macon GA
Christmas "Shopping" (00000134)
2.7/5 (186 Votes)
When I was in the 6th grade, the day before thanksgiving, my brother, his girlfriend, and I all went to this store to get some things for our family. Kind of early Christmas shopping. But we had no intentions of "shopping." We all got in the car with our purses and my brother had his jeans with huge pockets. It wasn't my first time stealing. I had done it plently of times before that. Never got caught or anything, so I guess you could say I was a little bit cocky. My brother was telling me how everyone gets caught at some point. But I was like, "naaah, not me." That night I forgot to bring my purse, but I wasn't gonna let that ruin my fun. So I took one of the store's purses and put a lot of stuff in it. As soon as we left the store, a cop ran out of the store and told me to stop where I was. Well, out of habit, I ran as fast as I could. But this wasn't one of those fat, donut eating cops. This one caught up to me, and I eventually stopped. He took one thing out of my purse and then gave the purse back. I got to keep everything else. He let me off with 6 months of probation and a phone call home. All I got was grounded though. And the very next day, I was off at the mall stealing again. But I haven't done it in forever. I have no regrets either.

Posted on 21.11.2011, 01:47:47 CET
Place: Hope Mills, NC, USA

Hookerland (00000132)
2.6/5 (169 Votes)
I made a smartphone mistake: I messaged my mom instead of my very close friend. I messaged her, "Yay, I'm in hookerland!" It was supposed to mean that I was in school. I had to lie to my mom and tell her that I didn't do that.

Posted on 12.11.2011, 16:31:58 CET
Place: Serbia

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