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Romantic partner not fit (00000569)
2.3/5 (1412 Votes)
I have a romantic partner who I've been with for a while now. The thing is though, is we don't really fit well as a couple. They are immature, too heavy handed and possessive. Meanwhile, I have a close friend who offers me everything I ever looked for in a partner. I think they like me too and I'm attracted. But I love my actual partner too much to look for anything else. If I lost them, I'd most certainly spiral down into a deep depression. I keep thinking of being with both of them. It's a fantasy of mine, so that I can have the benefit of both. I'd be jealous if either of them when with other people though. I wish I didn't feel this way, but by GOD I do!

Posted on 21.03.2014, 04:46:16 CET
No One Else's (00000548)
2.4/5 (223 Votes)
Those bitches don't have the right to your dick. Don't go getting beef with those whore relatives of mine, or it's over with us. Your package and heart are mine. I am not going to share my boyfriend, or husband with my relatives, enemies or friends. You're mine and no one else's.

Posted on 14.08.2013, 16:28:38 CET
Place: North Angelo
The Trunk (00000386)
2.5/5 (189 Votes)
This happened 25 years ago. I (m/38) was about 14 when two friends and I were walking through neighboring forests. We always played soldiers there and would hide, shoot with pea guns and basically have a good time. One of us then came up with the idea of digging a deep trench. Then we wanted to attach thicket to our heads and perfectly disguise ourselves. Within about 20 cm depth we found a trunk, which was already pretty moldy because of the damp forest floor. We quickly put it down and used tools to see what was inside. When we then relatively easily broke it open, we couldn't believe our eyes. The trunk was stuffed full of Deutschmark (old German currency) notes (hundreds, fifties and twenties). Obviously we were excited, but after a few seconds we became scared that someone would kill us, or at least injure us, when they saw that we had found their trunk. Each of us took fifty Deutschmark (at that time it was a lot of money for us) and buried the suitcase again. After a few days we spoke about it again and though we wanted to perhaps take more money out, we didn't have the courage to do it anymore. After that we didn't speak about it because we were always scared that the money came from some ugly business. Even now I think about it almost every day. Since then, one of the friends has died in a traffic accident and I haven't been in regular contact with the other for nearly 20 years. Sometimes I think I should try to find this place and have a peek at the trunk.

Posted on 22.04.2013, 22:26:04 CET
Gold digger bitches (00000384)
2.7/5 (290 Votes)
Though my success with women was previously mediocre at best, I (m/20) have made a 180 degree turn, since finishing my studies. You would be astonished at how the eyes of some women widen when they hear that you're an investment banker, and even more when you arrive with an expensive car and a nice suit. Women who wouldn't have glanced at me before wink at me and talk to me. At first I really enjoyed it but I have come to a point where the world of women makes me sick. Some of you will surely think that it is just about skanks, but it happens in every group of women. Some look for an idiot to buy their drinks, the others look for idiots to finance their house in the country and a convertible. To my confession: For some time I have been exploiting this and said things to women while hooking up: that I was only pretending that I had money; that I am still a student and intern and the car just belongs to a friend who I live with. You would be amazed how quickly a woman can disappear. At the moment I am seriously considering buying an old Golf and going round looking for a wife wearing just jeans and a t-shirt.

Posted on 24.04.2013, 08:35:45 CET

Collect Them All (00000120)
2.5/5 (215 Votes)
In 4th grade the new craze were these little "the dog" stuffed animals from McDonalds. I would beg for my mom to take me to McDonalds to try and collect as many as I could. One day this girl in one of my classes, who I thought was crazy, had the toy I had been after, a German Shepard. I befriended her and played her dumb little games while hiding my hatred for her. She then traded me the toy for a different one. After the deed was done, I stopped playing with her and ignored her. This angered her, and she complained to the teacher saying that she wanted her toy back. The teacher proclaimed it a fair trade, and I was off the hook. I regret nothing. I did, however, go to great lengths to steal one of these toys from my handicapped cousin. I'm just thankful I didn't get caught. I was not so lucky a few months ago when I was caught shoplifting. I only regret it because I got caught.

Posted on 01.08.2011, 07:18:29 CET
Place: Texas, USA

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